Randa Markos vs Angela Hill

In the women’s straw-weight division we have a classic and always entertaining ‘striker vs grappler’ matchup when we see Randa Markos (8-6-1) vs. Angela Hill (8-5-0) in which should be an entertaining scrap and end up in a close decision on the score cards. The odds heavily favour Angela but I cannot see any apparent reason why. The value is all in Markos on this one, who I think can wrestle her way and scrape a decision victory.

I think this fight solely relies on whether Randa can get the takedown or not like in any striker vs grappler competition. I do think Randas aggression can give her the scrappy wrestling fight she needs to win and although Hill is the more seasoned striker there is not enough power behind those strikes to alarm Randa for the knockout. Wear and tear on Hill will be her omen; Markos will relentlessly spam the takedown and most likely succeed. read more

Steven Peterson vs Luis Pena

Luis Pena comes into this fight dropping to a weight class to featherweight which really doesn’t make much sense. The current talk of the town is Luis Penas choice of weight class and if he’s going to be able to perform in this division. He is going to be way too oversized and might not even make the weight what so ever.  This decision could potentially affect his cardio and strength, even at lightweight he comes in with a slim build and looks like that may be a struggle anyway so the MMA community have no idea why he is dropping an extra 10 pounds. At 6 foot 3 he is going to tower above any fighter in that division and this might sound advantageous but I think the cons will outweigh the pros. read more