Anderson Silva vs Jared Cannonier

In the Middleweight division, we are gifted with an absolute treat! The man, the myth, the legend… Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva. Former UFC Champion and Brazilian Hero step’s back on home soil to defend his country’s honour versus a less than capable opponent in my opinion.

Call me biased, I don’t care. I will fanboy the f*** out when Anderson walk’s through that curtain into the arena on Saturday night in Rio De Janeiro and considering Jared’s more than average career performance, we might see a beautiful leg kick or knee finish like all times from The Spider. Anderson was able to hurt Daniel Cormier even though coming up short, and his battle with current Interim Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya wasn’t an easy one for the champ. read more

Kurt Holobaugh vs Thiago Moises

In a fight that should be way closer to a pick em than the opening odds suggest, Kurt Holobaugh is coming in at a great price here. He has the size and experience advantage first of all, and other than Thiago fighting in his home country, I can’t figure out why the line is sat so juicy for Kurt.

The fight is scheduled for a 155-pound fight in the Lightweight division, both fighters have fought in the Featherweight division but Kurt is certainly boasting the bigger frame and should have no trouble’s taking the fight where he pleases. At 5’9, I predict we’ll see Thiago struggle with striking and also struggle initiating any type of grappling fight, Kurt will dictate where the fight ends up and given that huge factor, he might even be able to get the finish. read more