Leopardstown 25/05/18 20.25

1u win 5.00 b365/sky/hills/bvic

2 guys tomorrow to get back on track…

Would be very disappointed if 1/2 of these guys dont win,

Leopardstown 8.20

Flindt won very well 3 days ago, could still be well handicapped if putting his best foot forward, The Jockey is from my hometown, and is good, but win rate is poor in a tough game, I know the crew around town if i wanted to ask, but i wont and ill just play him as a strong low trend…, They would not know anyway…

Leopardstown 8.50

I like Ringside Humour here as he looks very well treated atm, 1/1 cd, has previous as a trend, Tough race, but will be disappointed if not in the frame tomorrow..

Best of Luck