Haydock 26/05/18 16.35

1u win 15/2 sky/bvic

Terrible today

3 for tomorrow

Hayd 16.35: Golden Spell 1pt win 15/2 sky/bvic

Hayd 17.10: Lexington Times 1pt win 13.0 generally, 15.0 bfsb/pp

Ffos Las 18.35: Alf N’ Dor 1pt win 6.5 generally

good luck


Haydock 14.20 25/05/18

0.75 u win 3.75 b365/bvic

Tomorrow’s Plays…

Haydock 14.20

So, we kick off with Axel Jacklin, Reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop!!,,

Hopefully, after the race, we will be saying “Get the fuck out of here for the right reasons”…

Is not my usual type of play as outside a handicap, However, ties into a significance of plays on the day

Atzeni/Johnston Combo

Goodwood 14.35

I like Mr Tyrrell here, is a higher range trend, ran well lto, Marquand takes over this time which is debatable over dobbs, however, Marquand can weave his magic when necessary and has the name to do so, with odds on our side, we will see what happens..

Hayd 14.55

Again Johnston, Is a master trend trainer, can flatter to deceive th0.., The less heat the better, but not always…

“The downside”, Up against a couple of tough trends in this, and also stable significance in Dascombe..

However, very strong stable form atm, and 7.5 v perception strike rate stats is very good in the long run, if playing the flow…

The First of two, William Buick rides for Johnston at the meeting, Godolphin jockey, good win rate, happy with the odds..

Bath 16.30

Nora Batt arrives over in the Uk on a raid, I have followed this horse somewhat, i tipped it on Irishracingpro a couple of runs back and it flopped, but showed better recently, I think this type course will suit her, Ground is the danger, either way, mark is too low for potential ability, was hoping to tie in John Egan the jockey as he rides Juneau in the 3.20, but 7/4 too short, so will be praying for him to lose that race, he tied in with the Overall Johnston significance, If Juneau is 9/4+ tomorrow, i will tip it and pray for him to win…

Haydock 16.40:

Danzay here, appears as a high range trend, Johnston/Buick again, delighted with the odds v the double significance and a 4 way tie in with the trainer, i would be thinking we have 13/2 on a 2 play with stable in form and top jock on board…

Haydock 17.45:

Dr Richard Kimble runs here, Kirby/Johnston combo, Just in case bet, would have been happier with better odds, but 6.0 fits…

Would be hoping for an overnight Kidnapping, “where nobody got hurt, but “The guy is on the run”, Check Media Outlets in the morning, could well heighten our chances, again a high range trend with the overall Johnston significance playing with the odds to get out of jail…

Pontefract 18.30

Zlatan, AKA Ibrahimovic runs here, appears as a high range trend, not part of any significance, but comes here in form, with a fighting chance…

So, 5.25 units risk on an 7 play with varying significance, The odds and evidence stack up enough to make the play, win, lose or draw….

Busy Day, Best of Luck