CSKA Moscow v Panathinaikos (with preview)

This tip comes from the Euroleague basketball. It might be a bit weird to go full stake on such odds, but it is worth mentioning that PAO having a really good form, winning 6 games in a row in all competitions, all against lower ranked teams but also at high difference (19 at Canaria, 24 at Dacka, 9 against Khimki). Pao will travel to Moscow pretty much rested after such easy wins, but also with a great morale, as the 3 wins in a row in Euroleague brought PAO to a record of 12 W – 13 L, being tied with 3 other teams, Milano, Oly and Maccabi, and just one win away from the Play-off spots.

On the other hand, CSKA is already qualified for the Play-offs, so they played a bit more loose in the last rounds. For example last game, against Milano they lost a 19 points advantage in a few minutes, winning by only 6. Moreover, CSKA, even though looks unbeatable, is far from having the players at peak form: De Colo and Rodriguez are not constant, Hackett is injury-prone, so the current leaders are Higgins and Clyburn.

Even with a bad record on the road, PAO for sure can put up a fight, as their basketball finally looks tuned up. Their big men can keep this game on the edge, Papagiannis recorded his best performance last week, while Gist and Thomas have been constant this season. Moreover, Langford is back from injury, and in January PAO signed Kilpatrick, and helped the greens win the Cup.

All in all, PAO needs a win, and at this stage of the season finally look prepared to look like an Euroleague top team. PAO should dominate in the paint, so the key will be to stop CSKA from scoring threes. The odds of 6 are juicy, so they deserve a max stake.