Clonmel 03/05/18 20.00

Clonmel 20.00: Runyon rattler 1u win 5.5 b365

Pokerstars was never in it!!!,

Feel pretty low after this as have been running on the “Cursed” side of luck,..

Are we all running bad together on these shores or is it just me???

I dont want to give out about luck, but tonight in a horse racing sense, Give a Member a break…

If u watch the race back, its a sickener as its a tough beat, One of the best jockeys in the game, rides for Aiden o brien..

Just before he got headed on close home,the commentator said Rolanna worried him out of it, But he had the rest worried out of it 2f out, he travelled superbly, going  clear at the last, with all out behind him trying for their life, he is cruising and decides to veer to the left and crush the odds, You could not make it up, but yet they do, and another 1.04 bites the dust…

The horse himself was possibly very well handicapped,, Off 51 v other stuff he looked a good bet even at tight odds v opposition, but he looked the one….