Carlisle 21/05/18 15.45

1u win 4.33 B365/Bet Victor

Weekly Review

So, an absolute disaster week, and played very badly to boot..

Win Stats read 2/16(12.5%) -8.97 pts, sickening week…

I had a look through my stats since coming on here and by price ranging i came up with this,,

Price 3.00 or less: 1/7(14%) -4.12 pts

Price 3.25-3.75: 5/13(38%) +5.38pts

Price 4.00-better: 15/59(25%) +31.88 pts, This came with a longest losing sequence of 16…

The two positives combined showing 20/72(28%) +37.26pts,

So the lower odds will be getting the boot in the future and will concentrate on those two ranges..

Has been the first testing week in a while, i was unable to pull anything out of the bag, and some poor efforts from the horses i gave as well..

Will have to have a good week this week, will have to play better, I dont like downswings….

A BSP player would have to be playing minimum odds 4.00-12.00 to be anyways profitable i would guess so far..,

The largest BSP so far has only been 9.20 with bahamian sunrise,  so would need to do better than that in an odds sense…

Hope to be better this week, 21/79(27%) with 21 to go in the sequence, Have to improve now to get a decent 100 score, and snap the losing sequence…

Best of luck this week, and hope to do better..