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I am a sports tipster and have 8 years of experience in football data analysis, while my biggest qualities lay in discovering which events could offer the best odds in comparison to the chance that team has for winning the game.

I am providing services mostly in football, but sometimes I will also recommend bets for some handball games.

I always like to play above 1.80. Also I try to maintain a good winning streak as long as possible. Yes, I do have bad days, some teams do better than expected and give us surprises. But still, I have been able to maintain consistency with good odds so far for these years.

Obviously, subscribers rightfully expect to see a good return. I do my best to fulfill this hope. I just hope my subscribers keep betting on my selections even if I fail on any of the days.

Don’t lose your patience. Believe in me, and you will always finish your month in healthy profit. Patience and discipline is the most important thing in betting.

As said before, the most important thing is your betting money management. I would like to say that all of you think seriously about this. Always learn to keep part of the winning in savings, never give up your entire winnings to the next event. Always start the month with small, realistically affordable amounts, and follow blindly my money-management.

If you hired a Tipster to support your betting passion, try to understand his style via statistics. First of all, get confidence with his results, it means if your tipster hits the targets successfully or loses very closely via any unexpected result, then you can still trust him to come good.

Also, restrict yourselves; do not chase losses, and never have a high volume of bets per day. I think 10 bets per week is enough, but the value is king and will make the number of bets we take.

You will get only free tips for a period of time until I can find some subscribers that are willing to trust me in the long run!

Let's crush it, now! Lucky1

Total profit
26.260 units


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