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It probably wouldn’t surprise you too much to know that I grew up as a huge basketball fan. All my life I’ve loved the sport. I played it up into the university level and am still playing on a weekly basis with my friends. I’ve been around the betting industry for the last ten years, working in this domain for several years too. I focus on the biggest leagues, Euroleague, Eurocup, Champions League, NBA and top leagues from the main European countries like Spain, Italy or Turkey. I follow many live matches and highlights for all games from the respective countries, but also stats and injury reports for all the other events, via their official sites or personal Facebook/Twitter pages.

Because I’ve had tremendous success betting on basketball over the past ten years – so much, in fact, that I was confident I could start selling my tips and help other people do the same thing. Moreover, in the past five years, I’ve expanded my betting area into the tennis world. It all began for fun, but then it got to me. I also started playing tennis with a pro coach to understand the techniques in depth. I follow all the ATP/WTA matches, stats and results almost 24/7. Therefore, a small part of my package contains also my top tennis picks, which you could find quite valuable, especially during the basketball off-time periods.

With years of trading experience in the background, I learned that value could be found easier on the handicaps for both basketball and tennis, but you can also expect tips on “Moneyline” and “Over/Under”. With many worldwide friends and sites that I follow and check each day, it is much easier to find info in real time (injuries, coaches/players comments, etc.) and have a better insight of what is happening at each club I am putting my money on or against.

Of course, we might hit some bumps now and then, but what it matters to me most is the long-term profit, so buckle up, expect for many last second losing bets, but if you will follow all my bets, their stakes and the minimum odds advised, we will always land safely! Thank you!

Service Info:
I focus on the biggest leagues, Euroleague, Eurocup, Champions League, NBA and top leagues from the main European countries Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany or France. Tennis will come with biggest leagues, ATP and WTA.

Type of bets:
Asian Handicap and Money Line

I try to use Pinnacle and Asian bookies that have higher liquidity.

Time of the tips:
My tips usually come in the morning of the games, usually between 8-11 AM.

Average win rate:
Strike Rate should be better than 50%.

Average tips a week:
Average of 15-20 bets a week. Combined basketball (main sport) with few tennis bets.

Considering the bets I take, variance can be appreciated as low.

250 units advised.

Average of 3.5 units, mostly betwee 1 and 6 units.

Dates of activity:
8.5 months a year there is Basketball, but the other you will get more tennis from me.


Total profit
-29.880 units


Bets won
322/769 (41.873%)

Total stake

Avg. stake

Avg. odds

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