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I have been a casual gambler for almost all my life now, loving any kind of games that involved statistics combined with luck and reading different scenarios or opponents, from poker, to backgammon, to sports betting and so on. Being really good at math and probabilities sciences, since I remember, helped me a lot evolving in the right way in this gambling industry; and grab it by the neck and profiting from it on a huge level.

I have started writing tips on tennis, out of fun or out of love for the sport, 10 years ago and it got to me; seeing I have good results it made me develop more and watch more tennis, analyse the numbers behind each match. During that time I won several tipster competitions on many free tipping sites, but the reward wan't enough for the time spent writing the previews and analysing the matches. I have been approached to be a paid/professional tipster in 2014 and had proud-worthy record of 10% ROI over 4000 bets in those 4 years. During that period, from were most my subscribers following me (Which I like to thank again!), I have have been called no.1 tipster by Casual Gambler Reviews, hitting a 98/100 points score and am very proud of this achievement.

I have been a professional gambler for almost 5 years now, winning money out of tennis, paying my travels, my apartment, my bills mostly via gambling. I do a lot of pre-match betting (which will be tipped here via this service), but also do A LOT of live-betting and hedging of those pre-match bets. If you have any question regarding any hedging opportunity you can write me anytime on twitter (@UnArdeal). Combined with watching almost 8 hours a day live tennis, I have analyzed and studied model creating and other methods to make my betting better. I am watching the results and stats almost 24/7 and am using apps like SofaScore, FlashScore or ATP score more than anything on my phone, to be honest. I am sure to have found the right dose between watching tennis, understanding match-ups, analysing stats and seeing different important facts (travel routes, weather, injuries and so on) to make this service profitable on the long run.

There might be bad months, but I can promise you that each year will be ended on profit if you follow me, my stakes, my minimum odds advised and all bets! I haven't had a bad year since I have started betting and I won't start now!

PS: I am from Romania, Cluj-Napoca (Which is situated in Transylvania (yeah Dracula)... Another word for Transylvania would be "Ardeal" in Romanian.... so you know from where the nickname came).

Australian Open package

What will you get from this package?

  • Outright bets
  • Daily bets during the qualification rounds
  • Daily bets during the main draws
  • ATP and WTA betting
  • Money management consulting (via Twitter @UnArdeal)
  • No fixed amount of bets a day (from 0 to¬†20 bets, if there is value)
  • BONUS: ATP Challenger, ATP, and WTA outside of Australian Open during the purchased period
  • Occasional match previews and match-up analysis (example: Link Here)

Service Info:
This Service will concentrate on all tennis levels, but mostly on ATP, ATP Challenger and WTA, where the limits and liquidity is higher. ITFs, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and also doubles will be tipped too whenever there is a visible and great betting opportunity. I follow every level very closely to spot value and will tip whenever I see fit for betting. Trust my judgement on each match, back all tips at suggested stakes.

Type of bets:
Most of the best will be the bigger markets with highest limits and liquidity, like: Money Line, Asian Handicap, Totals, Correct Score, but there will be also some Special Markets, like: Tie Break bets, score after x games, outright betting... Anything that has value, really- but will focus on bigger limit markets.

Pinnacle and Asian bookies that have higher liquidity will be used most of the times, even if there are better prices in comparison sites. Over 90% of the tips will be followed at Pinnacle, SBO, Matchbook, Betfair, bet365. If you struggle to find a Pinnacle/asian bookie trader, please contact us and we will help you on that matter!

Average win rate:
Strike Rate should be around 35-40%, considering the high average odds taken.

Average tips a week:
I can take from no tips a day to 15, depending on how many matches are played around the world and how many might have value in the prices. An average would be around 30-40 bets a week, BUT just when I spot value. Please take all bets I suggest (if the minimum price is met, without avoiding higher prices), as I do my math and calculate the chances of a positive day considering all bets taken.

Considering the bets I take, variance can be appreciated as low to medium.

500 units advised. You will see that I have a rather aggressive style of betting, using many units in some days, but in the 4 years of professional tipping I have never lost 500 units on a run.

Will vary between 1 and 10 units (max. bet) and a 2% max. bet of the betting bank. 8 units most bets (sort of flat stake), and adjustments make (1, 2, 4, and 10 units) depending on price and number of bets taken on that match. Please follow the advised stakes with exactity as it is very important for the final numbers. Don't change the stakes if you can't get maximum price. If you get over minimum price bet advised stakes, if you can't get minimum odds, don't bet at all.

Dates of activity:
January to November each year (11 months of tipping out of 12 calendar months), and December via ITF betting (fewer bets for sure). Tennis is an all-round year sport and that is the best thing for punters!


Total profit
142.070 units


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