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We are sorry to announce that Craig had to step down and quit TipstersClub BIO:

My name is Craig Edwards between the years of 1988-1996 I was a snooker professional with a career high ranking of 61, this with my wealth of betting experience gives me a significant edge in the snooker betting markets. Why you might ask?

There are plenty of decent tipsters who work from form but are handcuffed accordingly by price regression betting, the difference I have is an understanding of players mindset from match to match but particularly tournament to tournament.

Nowadays apart from May and June the snooker season runs continually with a full schedule of tournaments around the world thus putting constant strains on snooker players mentality and how they deal with all the ebbs and flows.

I have been also betting on golf for nearly 30 years and has become easier over time as more markets are available than ever before.
We are offering two packages:
- One is a low variance place model package which will exploit top20 top10 and top5 markets in particular.
- The other will concentrate on outright and first round leader markets .

As I have mountains of data and records on each individual and the individual tournaments on PGA tour and European tour I start every week well prepared so bets will be placed as early as possible .

Place model package:

This package will have between 5 and 30 selections each week and all selections will have 25% plus juice in their price.
You will have individual staking plan with bets each week, dead heat rule will slightly affect some returns, average ROI at the moment of 18% since the free tips started and that is very indicative and long term minimum ROI will be 12%.
Average stake per selection will never be more than 1.5 units but some will be as low as 0.5 units and some as high as 4 units dependent on liquidity and perceived value.
This is a low variance package which will yield a constant profit , at prescribed stakes you will need a bankroll of 120 units.
Bets will be online Tuesday and you will recieve a Twitter notification to warn they are imminent and another to say they are online .
Because we are so well prepared our bets will be available as markets form and, we will be first in the market to take the value available, where only one bookmaker goes best priced you will not be expected to bet more than 1.5 units on that selection.
Approx 60% of weeks will yield profit.
Average weekly outlay 15-40 units.
This package is like an investment portfolio and suited to serious bettors in particular.

Outright and First round leader package:

This is a higher variance package and will concentrate on outright and first round leader markets .
Bets for outright market will be on a monday when we can get best prices so we are first in the market, first round leader bets will follow on a Wednesday.
Bets will be each way and we will advise bookmakers to bet with.
With this package being higher variance the weekly stakes needed are smaller.
Bets will be between 0.1 units each way and no bigger than 1 unit each way.
Approx 20% of weeks will yield profit.
A bankroll of 100 units for this package at prescribed stakes is advised.
Long term this package will yield 12% minimum but some years it only takes a couple of 100/1 plus winners and that soon puts our ROI over 20%.
Average weekly outlay 5-10 units.
This package is low cost, low stakes, higher variance package but high rewards.

Snooker Service

Hopefully you've been following me these last two months at the Tipster Club you will realise that majority of my tips are well above even money that's not to say we will not have any odds-on prices, if I see 1.66 for something I price at 1.3 for example we will be betting.
66% of my tips so far have been between the prices of 2.00 and 5.00 ,this is a fair reflection of what to expect and can be seen on our sheets.
If you have been following my free tips a 500 euro bank roll would suffice at stakes advised , and although we have been running well above 30% ROI I would expect long term it to settle down between 12%-20%.
I will advise prices where two different bookmakers go above our minimum price ,mergers like ladbrokes/coral or Betfair sportsbook/paddy power will count as one.
I would advise new subscribers to use advised stakes until such time they feel comfortable enough to get to raise stakes,if you do raise stakes do it in disciplined fashion i.e. double stakes bankroll of 1000 euros and in two or three month blocks to allow variance to equalise.
You might also ask what motivates me to do this after all these years betting , joining Marius in the TipstersClubCom was a no brainer as I've been subscribing to his tennis for 3 years and know he understands value in similar fashion.
Also we want to supply an elite service and I myself will cap subscribers so you can all get on at advertised prices .
I will do a pre tournament write up covering all aspects of the draw with bets advised in outright markets ,this will be available 48hours before the start when possible.
The biggest volume of bets will follow in the opening two or three days of tournament as that's were our biggest edge lay ,you can expect probably 5-15 bets on opening two or three days ,after which it will reduce as players have already won a match and bookmakers pricing is more efficient ,as the tournament draws to a close bets will become less and don't be surprised if we have the odd no bet day.
We will never tip for sake of it always better to keep your powder dry.
I will try and get bets up as early as possible with the latest being two hours before break-off.
If I cannot make it at least two hours before there will be no bet ,make sure you use Twitter and get our notifications as you will get one to know tips are imminent and approximately the time.
This is a low varience package where snooker bettors/fans can expect a constant return for reasonably stakes with no stress.
Any questions or help needed just catch me online.


Total profit
255.466 units


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