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I am betting since high school on football and this means that I have over 15 years of experience in football betting and football data analysis. Along betting on this sport I watched and was interested in the “back-office” of football since I can remember. I am always trying to find the best value and I focus on the biggest leagues from Europe, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League, where the line-up information, statistics, and other outcome influencers can be easily found (if you research in the right places, of course). I learned in the past 5 years that the bookies always offer some wrong prices (which give us the desired value edges) in the Asian Handicap and that's why my main focus will be in betting on all Asian markets (handicaps and totals) as the value is much bigger there.

I will post only free tips for a time, as I feel that this is the right way to start with TipstersClub. You guys need to be able to trust me, my judgment and analysis and in the future be comfortable paying for this insight I offer in football betting.

My staking plan, for now, will be 1-2 units with 1 unit being a normal value and 2 units being of a great value. My suggested betting bank for you is 50 units, but please do follow blindly as I will consider everytime money management.

Total profit
26.100 units


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