Troyes – Niort


September 14, 2018 7:00 pm

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Troyes – Niort

Troyes disappointed a lot in this debut of the season. Starting with a win 1-0 on a difficult pitch Ajaccio (versus AC Ajaccio), Troyes lost every next 5 games being now 2nd rock bottom with only 3 points. A major role in this poor evolution is playing by the Nivet injury, but a team as Troyes must not stay in a single play-maker (even he is a good one at his 41 years age). Nothing worked in Troyes’ evolution, the team losing points versus new comers Beziers. But must mention that Troyes had the most difficult start of the season playing against AC Ajaccio, Brest, Lens, Metz and Paris FC – all top teams. Two players left the team Traore and Niane coming instead Goncalves, Camara and Fortune (who will take perhaps the place to Nivet). Deplagne  and Giraudon are suspended. Good news for Troyes is recovering of Nivet. Same new face in the squad Camara, Fortune, Martins Pereira, Vardin

Niort is another pleasant surprise of this start of the season. Compared with previous season many important players left the squad and the new ones aren’t so numerous and same quality. But despite this fact Niort over-performed so far being 3rd in table with 13 points, taking 4 wins and 1 draw losing once at Grenoble. But compared with the schedule Troyes had, theirs was infinite easier avoiding top teams though. So the hard period will come soon for Niort this month and the next one playing versus Lens, Paris FC, Metz, LeHavre. We will see how they will stay at the end of October. So far they will be pleased with this performance and will try to improve it. They were quite on transfer campaign. Vion is back in the squad after injury, but will miss Ameka for this trip.

I think is time for a new start for Troyes. Keeping in mind team news and all what happened so far I think we will see first home win for Troyes this season, gl