AC Ajaccio – Niort


February 8, 2019 7:00 pm

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AC Ajaccio - Niort

Disappointing result for AC Ajaccio in their trip at Lorient when lost eventually 0-1. They played 11 vs 10 for entire second half, cause ex Ajaccio Sainiati saw a red card direct being sent off. They weren’t able to jeopardize Lorient goal moreover conceding the single goal of the game 5 mins after the second half was started, 2nd GK Leroy taking an long distance shot goal. Of course, they controlled the game, but without creating too many chances to score and missed to easy the ones they’ve created. Surprisingly they made a good first half, having about 15 mins at the beginning at the second half when they didn’t found themselves playing quite poor. Maybe a draw would have been more suitable, but that’s life and they must go one in order to avoid relegation. As usual, lately, AC Ajaccio is without captain Cavalli

Niort made a good game versus Nancy but also were handicapped by a red card who Rivieyran after 35 mins of play who let his team to play in 10 men for about an hour. Moreover they lost defender Conte, probably for the rest of the season. They missed some opportunities (one in a 1vs1 situation). They were punished by Nancy who scored first goal of the game but had a good reaction leveling at 1 after only 3 mins. In the remaining 20 mins was Nancy the one who pushed for a win, but we saw only a single good opportunity for Nancy in this gap. A high merit in this point had GK Allagbe who had, as usual, good saves.  As an homage, they played with t-shorts with Sala’s name on the back. Rivieyran will miss due to red card. As injured important players we can remind: Conte, N’Doh, Koyalipou. Also Djigla will miss here.

I see AC Ajaccio taking at least a new home win after about 1 month since the last one. Niort were poor on the road this year losing both. Back AC Ajaccio to collect all points. gl