Joanne Calderwood vs Kalindra Faria


The Kilmarnock born Joanne Calderwood makes her return to the UFC Octagon this Saturday for the first time since last year, but the Scottish native certainly has no octagon jitters as she’s referring herself to her fans as ‘Jo Jo 2.0’. With a recent step up in weight class after finding it hard to cut the extra pounds at strawweight she moves up to the flyweight division, The 31-year-old said: “I’m so much happier and more confident at this weight. My whole camp has been awesome.

“I’m healthy, I’m raring to go and I’m actually wondering how the hell I ever made strawweight.

“It just feels like that I’ve made massive changes in my mindset and in my training this year.

“Everything is completely different for me. This is the new version of me and I just felt like it was pretty cool to go with Jo Jo 2.0. I’m just running with it!”

Weight divisions and finding the right division seems to be a constant battle with quite a few fighters on the UFC roster and more times than not, when a fighter has less weight to cut and worry about they can fully focus on what a training camp should be about, and that is martial arts!  I love Jo Jo’s attitude heading into this fight, and if you know anybody from Scotland you’ll know how tough them sob’s can be. Joanne was the first ever professional female mixed martial artist, former Muay Thai champion and currently ranked #14 in the official UFC strawweight rankings.

Calderwood current fight camp has taken place at Syndicate MMA and she feels more confident than ever finding new partners and friendships to help her journey into the top-ranked fighters of the woman’s UFC flyweight division.

She said: “I love Las Vegas, I love the weather and I love the gym.

“What drew me there was the UFC’s Performance Institute and then everything else has just came along with it.

“One of my main changes I wanted to make was to have female training partners, and at Syndicate MMA they have five girls that are always there.

“Coach John Wood is an awesome MMA coach.

“Another change that I wanted to make was having someone that did everything.

“I didn’t want a jiu-jitsu coach, I didn’t want a wrestling coach, I didn’t want a Muay Thai guy – I wanted someone that was the glue that put all those together.

“That’s what I’ve got at Syndicate MMA. I’m really confident and happy with that set-up.”

Calderwood has found herself two new best buddies in UFC flyweights Jessica-Rose Clark and Roxanne Modafferi during her time at Syndicate MMA, and we know how much difference a friendship can make when it comes to progression in any walk of life.


I do expect Jo Jo to take the W here but seems as the price is so ugly, Jo Jo to win by decision @ 1.91 has great value in my opinion and we all know how much I love to value hunt. I could sit here and tell you Anders will win, Alves will win, Drew Dober will win and both women fights are going the distance but there is NO value in these type of bets when betting single plays. Enough rambling on from me, Tune in on Saturday live on BT Sport from 1am BST on Sunday, August 26, or catch Joanne’s fight on the Early Prelims exclusively on UFC Fight Pass from 11:30pm BST on Saturday night.

Joanne Calderwood Win By Decision @ 1.91 (Betfair SP)

Stake : 1.5 units 

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