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Service Info:
The service will be focused mainly on the UFC, sometimes will also include football.

Types of bets:
Majority of tips given will be single win/loss predictions within the mixed martial arts and football markets.

WilliamHill – Always boosting odds higher, WilliamHill is Davids go to a bookie.
Bet365 – always need bet365 because their range of markets is one of the biggest, especially good for American college bets.
Skybet – allows you to create your own bet and get given odds based on your prediction.

Average win rate:
David hasn’t had a losing year for the past 5 years.

Average tips a week:
UFC holds on average 3 events per month on the weekends all year round so his service will never have any dry periods. David always prides himself on quality over quantity.

High return with low risks.

20 units is the minimal advised bankroll amount to have whilst following David’s tips.

1 unit bets on anything Evans or above is the usual method, 10 is the most units that will be advised but are rarer than lower stakes.

Dates of inactivity:
June-September during the week is the only dry periods due to seasons ending. UFC will run on most weekends throughout the entire year.

80.00 / week
200.00 / month
350.00 every 2 months
500.00 every 3 months
800.00 every 6 months

3 reviews for DaveBets – All Sports

  1. Ardeal
    5 out of 5


    I was never following UFC until I met Dave and talked to him about betting in general and about the sport he loves. Let me tell you it is like you are talking to a guru of the UFC. His knowledge about the players and his insights in the matches are amazing! You can read some of them at tipstersclub.com/blog where he posted some fight previews!

    He clearly knows his apples and oranges and his money management strategy is very conservative and productive at the same time! A tipster to follow for the long run as he wins week in and week out!

    Good luck, Dave! May many subscribers follow you, as you deserve it!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ola Tunji

    Very good.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Shane Costello

    Been following since February and we are now 8-1 on events!!!

    Incredible, thank you Dave.

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