Houdini – Basketball (NBA)

4.50 out of 5
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Service Info:
This Service will concentrate only NBA.

Type of bets:
Asian Handicap, Totals and Money Line, but mostly AH.

I try to use Pinnacle and Asian bookies that have higher liquidity. Sometimes I post other bookies just because Pinnacle hasn't offered any prices yet.

Time of the tips:
Usually around 18-20 GMT

Average win rate:
Strike Rate should be better than 50%.

Average tips a week:
Depending on the number of matches that week it can vary between 5 and 30 bets.

Considering the bets I take, variance can be appreciated as low.

500 units advised.

Usually I will bet between 3 and 6 units on my plays. Very rarely I will bet more than that if I like a play very much.

Dates of activity:
There are matches 8 months a year (between October and May)

10.00 / week
40.00 / month
100.00 every 3 months
180.00 every 6 months
240.00 / year

2 reviews for Houdini – Basketball (NBA)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Been following this guy for some time now and he never lets you down. The bad days are few, most days are profit and in the long run he will make you rich!

    • TipstersClub


      Hey Dan! Season is almost here! Hope to see you again for the long ride along me! Let’s win it in 2018/2019 as we did in the past years!


  2. 4 out of 5


    I followed Houdini for free tips before the site’s launch and paid for 1 week at the end of April. For my week’s subscription (April 21-28), I ended up with +€11.30 according to the site’s stats. Looking at the most recent results Houdini is at -€195 in May so far.

    Pros: Return on investment is >5% for the 3 months since tips were recorded; Steady progress can be made following Houdini’s Asian lines (~53% bets won) and more profit can be made by taking Houdini’s line a few points further.

    Cons: As ever (especially when following for a shorter time) there is a possibility for short-term loss (in my week subscribing there were consecutive days of -€90 losses); Houdini is not really active on social media/Twitter.

    Suggestions: Reasoning behind selections could be given so the subscriber has more of an insight as to why Houdini chose the selection. Subscriptions to Houdini could be offered to cover the 8 month season rather than yearly where 4 months are inactive, and a season price of €160 wouldn’t be unreasonable (works out as €20/month and the same monthly price, minus 4 months, as the yearly package currently priced at €240/year), or a subscription could cover the regular season and then an extra amount could be paid for the post-season.

    Conclusion: Worth following but (as with other tipsters on this site returning profit) over the longer-term for a better likelihood of profit. I will check back in October to see Houdini’s packages on offer for the 2018/19 season.

    • TipstersClub



      Sorry for the late reply to this feedback… I totally agree with what you are saying and appreciate your thoughts and feedback/review! I will be more active on Twitter when NBA starts again with the 18/19 season!

      Reasoning behind selections is an option, but I am afraid it will affect the prices and lines in the time I take writing that previews… Will have to think about it. I also think that it will be better to spend that time writing, analysing more. We will see in the next season how things will go. About the prices set for the longer periods… These will be adjusted with the new season.

      Have a nice day!

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