If you have any questions about TipstersClub.com or you just want to find out more about this service, you can always contact us via our contact page and someone of TC team will get in touch with you. Our suggestion is always try to find the answer in the FAQs first.

Q:What will TipstersClub.com do for me?
A: TipstersClub.com connects bettors with professional tipsters with high experience in the gambling industry, tipsters capable of providing valuable information, analysis or tipping for particular sports. They also are able to use a proper and correct Bank Roll Management just to keep risks to a minimum. Our tipsters will do their best to make your betting experience more pleasant and profitable, while you can transform your hobby to a stable long-term income over time.

Q: I found several tipping sites. How do I know you can be trusted and are any good at this?
A: All tipsters from TipstersClub.com were verified prior to joining the team thoroughly. Most of them are already pro-gamblers that have a long-term income via betting. Others have a long history in the betting business and have worked for bookmakers as odds compilers or traders. You can always check the tipsters’ bio pages to find out more about each tipster and see which one is more suitable to your betting (Tipsters will have different approaches, risk, stake % of bank, suggested bank, number of bets, variance, win rate % and so on). Seeing the full stat picture is easy and very transparent; there you can analyze us before you join. You can always create an account and follow the free tips for a period of time to get the trust going. The only thing I can assure you is that tipsters have been chosen carefully, all of them have a long betting history, understand the terms value, money management and are as good as they come to their tipped sports. It’s your choice entirely.

Q: When do I get the notifications? How long before the match starts?
A: Most tipsters post their tips at least 4-5 hours before the start of the events. Some of them will post the tips day before the event and some will be posted way before to ensure proper value. You can be assured that there is plenty of time to back the tips between the actual post and the event start.  

Q: How do I get the notifications that a tip has been posted?
A: We will run a mail notification service where you have to agree/subscribe to the notification mails. Your mail won’t be visible to any 3rd party, tipster or other user as the notification service will run automatically in the back-office of the site. If you don’t agree with joining that mailing list you can always check the site for tips as we post them several hours before the event starts.  

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
A: PayPal is the only one implemented in the checkout page so far, but for individual requests we will accept Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller and bank transfers. For the latter ones we will need to talk you personally via DM on twitter or facebook, or just write a mail to us requesting supplementary payment methods.    

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Yes, you can cancel at any time you like. PayPal offers an easy way to cancel, while you can also cancel the subscription from your personal account on TipstersClub.com. The other payment methods don’t run automatically and you will have to rejoin when the subscription expires. Don’t worry; you will be able to see the paid premium tips despite your cancellation- for as long as you have the subscription paid for. You will be able to see also the ongoing free tips posted.    

Q: Can I join more services at once?
A: Yes, you can join more services at once, and we also encourage that to happen as this way the variance in betting would be lower and your average profit will get even better. You can contact us via mail or other methods to ask for a discount code if you want to join more services at once.

Q: Does your service guarantee a profit? I have seen a lot that do that!
A: No. Any service that “guarantees” a profit is lying and most of them are scam sites or fraud tipsters. Those will hide losses and despite showing off a very good profit you will be on a loss in the end. Why don’t we guarantee profit? Nobody can be certain of an outcome on a horse race, football match, tennis match or any other sport event. It’s impossible! It doesn’t matter how good you analyze something and how deep your analysis goes, there are matters that can’t be known. Some examples: Every athlete has a bad day once in a while, every match can be bought for the right amount of money and not every match can be analyzed perfectly by a tipster. Humans come with mistakes… It is important to make fewer mistakes with the time and increase the quality, profit and never stop learning. There are, however, trends and viable expectations with all tipsters. The stats on the tipster pages are a great way to see how your bank would have grown with a tipster and whether or not they suit your betting style. You can see complex stats there, from bookies used, to odds used, number of bets taken, variance and so on… Those all can make you understand better which tipster is more suitable for your time and personal style.

Q: I have joined and not won! Why is that?
A: As stated in the previews question, winning is not 100% sure in a time stamp. You can follow a winning tipster that has a +30% ROI over 1000 bets and still find weeks or months with losses. This is how gambling works… It is a long-term game. Stats on each tipster page show you how they work on the long run for each individual. There can be also more variables in your losing. Please take care of the staking plan your tipster is using. Every tipster is an expert in money management and using „your” own personalized stake % of bank can make you lose money despite tipster winning big. You should also take care of the odds you back. Every tipster will show you minimum odds too, along the tipped odds, so you can find a bookie that offers higher odds than the minimum to take. There will be also a comparison link on each tip so you can find your bookies’ price on the match easier. That way you are assured that the odds you take are still in the value range in the opinion of the tipster.

Q: What sort of bets do the tipsters cover?
A: You can always check the tipsters’ pages to see full stats and also the public tips page where all settled bets are visible. You can filter by tipster and see his old tips, just to make it more transparent. You are the most important part of this team, and you should know what you get before you pay. You should also choose what is more suitable to your style.

Q: What stakes do the tipsters use?
A: All tipsters will use 0 to 10 unit stakes (10 max. stake). All tipsters do choose their risk management a little bit different. For example you will see max. bets from some tipsters but never higher than 5 unit bets from other. Some use flat stakes and some use below 1 unit stakes (outright bets etc.). You can see all stats in the stats page on each tipster page separately. You know your style, you chose the tipster/s.  

Q: Which bookies do you use? Do I need accounts for all of them?
A: We try to mix the bookies up as a bookie limiting winning customers is a real problem with all of us bettors. When this happens just smile to yourself and move on it’s a sure sign you’re doing the right things, there are plenty of ways to stay ahead of the game. You should have as many accounts as possible and if you are able you should create a Pinnacle account, betting exchanges accounts or trader accounts. We can help you by suggesting some… Just DM us on twitter or Facebook or send us a mail.  

Q: Why do you charge so much? I have seen several tipsters charging less!
A: We consider that we charge a fair amount of money for each tipster. All packages have been agreed money wise with the tipster individually. The fact is that you will get a quality service and as we all know quality does cost money. We think of this service of win-win-win relationship. Subscribers will win because of the tipsters’ picks. Tipsters will win because TipstersClub.com made it possible to sell their tips and find new customers day by day. TipstersClub.com wins by creating this spider net between all parties involved in betting. We can assure you that most of the profits made will be reinvested in the project to make the user/tipster experience better and better. We want to be the top in this tipping business.  

Q: I heard that tipsters win money due to losing customers. Is that true?
A: Not the case at TipstersClub.com, but it is partially true in general. Tipsters use “normal” bookies’ affiliation links to lure new customers. They will get a % of your eventual losses. We, at TipstersClub.com, try to promote and affiliate only with real bookies that don’t limit customers or block their accounts just for winning. Examples are: Pinnacle, Betfair Exchange, Betdaq and some brokers that work with Pinnacle and Asian bookies.