Wimbledon 2018. Round 3. Alex De Minaur v Rafa Nadal. Ardeal preview and betting tips.

The most expected match of the Wimbledon round 3 is by far the clash between Big4 generation and #NextGen. 1999 born and Aussie hope, Alex De Minaur, will face the huge champion and recent French Open winner, Rafa Nadal.

Alex De Minaur is a young lad from Australia, with a height of 1.80 m, using right-hand forehand and the double-handed backhand. The most important aspect about his game is that he is under the safe wing of Lleyton Hewitt, but also coached by Adolfo Gutierrez. Demon’s year so far was pretty busy, playing  50 matches and winning 34 of them. During this period he got to the SF of Brisbane (winning against Raonic and Johnson), to the F of Sydney (winning against Verdasco, Dzumhur, Lopez, and Paire), Fs of Alicante Challenger and Surbiton Challenger and winning the Nottingham2 Challenger. Grass has to be his best surface, by far, as his results in 2018 show. He has 13 wins and 2 losses on this special surface this year, winning against players like Ebden (red-hot), Fritz, and Evans. He has reached a final and won a challenger title so far, and his results in Wimbledon are very good too, winning against Cecchinato and Herbert, both in 4 sets… Both sets lost were tie-breaks in each 2nd set.

Nadal’s year so far has been extraordinary, as usual, winning 31 matches and losing only 2 (Thiem and Cilic by Ret. ). He won Monte Carlo Masters, Barcelona, Rome Masters and French Open (all on clay). His only matches on hard courts were in Australia (where he retired in the QF against Cilic), and only grass matches this year were in Hurlingham Exhibition (won 7-6 7-5 to Ebden and lost 7-6 7-5 to Pouille), and the 2 matches played in Wimbledon (6-3 6-3 6-2 ag. Sela and 6-4 6-3 6-4 ag. Kukushkin).

The past results of Nadal in Wimbledon (since having knee problems back in the day, around 2011) are horrible for his standard and not even close to the clay court results. He lost in the 2nd round against Rosol in 2012, lost in the 1st round against Darcis in 2013, lost in R16 against Kyrgios in 2014 (lost set in each of the other 3 wins there that year), lost to Brown in the 2nd round in 2015, didn’t play n 2016 and lost in R16 to Muller (in 5 sets 15-13 in decider) in 2017.

These stats show how bad he is playing on grass (bad for his level), and avoiding any competitive grass tournaments prior to Wimbledon can only make him more vulnerable. His matches against Sela and Kukushkin were both hard-earned victories (despite being 3 setters). Against Sela, he broke 6 times and got broken 1 time, while against Kukushkin he broke 5 times and got broken 2 times. The stats against Kukushkin say another story, tho. A story where the Kazakh had a real chance, but couldn’t convert when it mattered most. He converted just 2 BPs in 13 possible… He missed easy shots when it mattered most. Kukushkin was always on the baseline and attacking everything with his forehand and backhand. His backhand down the line made him easier to win points, while Nadal was on the back-foot nearly every time when on the backhand side. I would definitely say that this win was very fortunate to have been in 3 sets. De Minaur, also worth mentioning, is a former finalist in Wimbledon juniors tournament- lost to Shapovalov back in 2016.

De Minaur has a good serve, hitting 8 aces against Cecchinato and 7 aces against Herbert, but also has a very good return game and very reliable ground-strokes… Getting aces only 8 times by Cecchinato and only 6 times by Herbert (both very good servers themselves). De Minaur won 76% 1st serve and 64% 2nd serves against Cecchi (71% service points won – 89/126), and 78% 1st serves and 61% 2nd serves against Herbert (70% service points won – 99/141). Nadal, on the other hand, struggled a bit against Kukushkin, winning only 66% of the service points (67/101), BUT saved 85% of the breakpoints (over-stepped in important moments).

The match-up is fine for De Minaur, despite having on the other side a 2x former Wimbledon champion. Nadal cannot use his huge top-spin out of his forehand, because the grass won’t rotate that much the ball after it touched the ground. De Minaur has a very good backhand (better than the forehand, in my opinion) and also knows how to use the BH down the line (which caused Nadal so many problems in the past). De Minaur played in the past 52 weeks 9 matches against lefties, winning 8 of them. Best names he defeated were Verdasco in Sydney, Marterer in Irving, Bemelmans in Miami, and Melzer in Nottingham on grass.

Betting wise, I would suggest taking on De Minaur to win the first set at 4.43 (3 units) and De Minaur +7 games (10 units). Both of them offer plenty of value in my opinion. If you want to follow all my tips during Wimbledon and the next period, just subscribe to any of my services!

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TipstersClub.Com – Numbers and Stats for each tipster since beginning of the project.

Hey guys,

So it’s been now a few months since we started and the site is still a construction site. I would like to apologize for any discomfort during your stay here and any inconvenience created by the lack of some features on the site. We are still working hard and investing most of the money earned via the subscription fees for a better site and adding essential features to make the experience better. A full stats page will follow soon, that will have full graphs and filtering for each tipster, time period, sports and so on. It will be sweet, but you will have to wait for a bit longer. We have created an API to export all tips and do the stats manually on each month and tipster, just to see exactly how we are working now.



I want to start with the most complex tipster we have online, a tipster that is specialized on two different sports, AND is doing both very well! His name is, as you might already know, Craig. He is a former professional snooker player, with a huge pro-gambling and poker history.

His combined stats on all 3 packages are as follow:

  • Total profit: +89.328 units
  • ROI: +15.748%
  • Bets won: 131/662 (19.789%)
  • Total stake: 567.250 units
  • stake: 0.857
  • odds: 63.235

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=14

His stats on each package available are as follow:

  • Snooker Package
  • Total Profit: +14.989 units*
  • Total Stake: 251.350 units
  • ROI: +5.963%

* Febr +7.72 units, +35.091% ROI, March +21.27 units, +42,202% ROI, April -15.589 units, -10.645%, May +1.588 units, 6.815%

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  • Golf Places Model
  • Total Profit: +17.074 units*
  • Total Stake: 229.200 units
  • ROI: +7.449%

* Febr -16.460 units, -86.178% ROI, March +10.53 units, +42.289% ROI, April -1.5 units, -3.505%, May -5.626 units , -7.634%, June +30.130 units, +43.857% ROI

See his service description and reviews: https://tipstersclub.com/product/golf-craig/

  • Golf Outright Model
  • Total Profit: +73.150 units*
  • Total Stake: 98.500 units
  • ROI: +74.264%

* Febr +27,400 units, +3425.000% ROI, March -6.500 units, -100% ROI, April -12.735 units, -46.309%, May +27.475 units , +83.258%, June +38.310 units, +134.421% ROI

See his service description and reviews: https://tipstersclub.com/product/golf-craig/


As you can see his best package is the Outright model, that is also the cheapest… But the variance in these kinds of bets (considering the high prices he backs) is really high. The snooker package is a no-brainer for everyone to buy, as he has insight in the snooker tour, knows a lot of players personally and also knows how they think, as he was a professional player. Craig is a fully-equipped and professional tipster. You can follow him with full trust as he has also a conservative money management strategy!



As most of you know, he has been a professional tipster for over 4 years now, being noticed by most of the time he spends watching tennis. He is also the creator of TipstersClub.Com and is doing everything in his power to make this tipping site as professional as it can be, having also best tipsters tipping for it.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=16

His results started very well when TC started early with free tips and got down-wards in the next months:

  • Total profit: +48.964 units
  • ROI: 0.835%
  • Bets won: 352/982 (35.845%)
  • Total stake: 5865.500
  • stake: 5.973
  • odds: 4.851


Month Profit Staked ROI
February +91,560 553,500 +16,542%
March +186,780 805,000 +23,202%
April +16,910 800,000 +2,114%
May -108,010 1655,000 -6,526%
June -94,276 2008,000 -4,695%


As he sent a notification mail to his subscribers there will be some changes for the next weeks, as can be seen here: https://tipstersclub.com/5859/.

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Wimbledon 2018. Round 1. Day 2. ATP Analysis and Betting opportunities: https://tipstersclub.com/5978/

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DaveBets is our newest member of TipstersClub family and will focus on football, American sports and UFC fighting. His results via past tipping are astonishing, to say least, while his knowledge about the tipped sports is near to unmatched in the business. He is professional gambler that lives out of the money that comes from betting. His unit value is 100GBP and his ROI over the years is around 30% (insane)!!

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His stats so far:

  • Total profit: +54.640 units
  • ROI: +21.261%
  • Bets won: 37/63 (58.730%)
  • Total stake: 257.000
  • stake: 4.079
  • odds: 1.929


He will be tipping for free for a few more weeks and then start his premium package. Stay tuned and follow his skills closely!



Basten is our basketball expert on TipstersClub, and despite starting very good tipping for the site his results are going downwards for some reason. I wouldn’t get too worried tho, as he is a profitable gambler overall and his knowledge about the basketball and tennis is astonishing.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=20

His stats so far:

  • Total profit: –-17.650 units
  • ROI: -5.261%
  • Bets won: 67/150 (44.667%)
  • Total stake: 335.500 units
  • stake: 2.237 units
  • odds: 2.717

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If you didn’t follow any of JPP’s tips, you should know that his strategy is centered between tipping 1 match a day and having favorites bets tipped. He knows what he is doing, and as long as he is doing it well, nobody can complain. His prices are easily achievable and also it is less time-consuming to back his tips than other tipsters’.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=17

His stats so far:

  • Total profit: +25.461 units
  • ROI: +2.863%
  • Bets won: 76/122 (62.295%)
  • Total stake: 889.250
  • stake: 7.289 units
  • odds: 1.641


Month Profit Staked ROI
February -5,537 101,250 -5,469%
March +33,438 207,500 +16,115%
April -15,270 489,000 -3,123%
May -9,910 204,000 -4,858%
June +25,150 195,000 +12,897%


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Record is our English football and international football expert. He is a professional gambler for some years now and lives of the money he makes via betting and trading.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=24

His stats so far:

  • Total profit: -2.905 units
  • ROI: -0.658%
  • Bets won: 52/162 (32.099%)
  • Total stake: 441.600 units
  • stake: 2.726
  • odds: 8.316

His stats so far for the #WorldCup are as follow:

Profit                    Staked                  ROI

-31,340                 290,600 -10,785%

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Houdini is our #NBA expert and is on vacation right now as the season is over. Stay tuned for his long-term bets as he is an expert in this department. He managed to tip the Rookie of the year and Finals winner a year early, but he will post a blog-post when the time is right, so you get the early prices.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=23

His stats so far:

  • Total profit: +48.755 units
  • ROI: +5.426%
  • Bets won: 108/206 (52.427%)
  • Total stake: 898.500
  • stake: 4.362
  • odds: 1.970

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Alcuni is our French Ligue 2 expert and is only betting on this championship. He is as good as anybody can be in this particular league. He knows the teams inside-out and as good as his back-pockets. He will start tipping again as soon as the league is starting.

Read his bio here: https://tipstersclub.com/tipster/?prfNr=15

His stats so far:

  • Total profit: -0.2 units
  • ROI: -0.160%
  • Bets won: 12/25 (48.000%)
  • Total stake: 125.000
  • stake: 5.000 (flat)
  • odds: 2.081

The stats are without value, to be honest, as he managed to tip only last 4 or 5 stages of the Ligue 2, while his proven long-term (over 5 years) ROI is over 5%.

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IrishAssassin and IrishRacingPro

These two tipsters were, in fact, the same person, as we made that visible on their tipster pages. The fact that they quit after just a few months of tipping won’t stop making me publish their results during the period tipping for TC. He was a very knowledgeable person in the matter of horse racing, but his qualities as a tipster weren’t enough, as he also accepted. The results that were bad for the last period got to him and the pressure of tipping for money and knowing that people back his tips for money made him make some mistakes, also made him want to write just blog posts so there is no pressure o his tipping… Something we couldn’t do. We have to do stats and past results for any future subscriber. We need to be transparent in this business.

IrishAssassin stats:

Profit                    Staked                  ROI

+92,870                238,65                   +38,915%

IrishRacingPro stats:

Profit                    Staked                  ROI

-15,850                 97,600                   -16,240%

Both of these stats are based on each tip since 03.03.2018 since he starts tipping for TipstersClub.Com (no prior stats for these totals).


If you have any questions regarding this stats don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need the full sheets for any tipster, please contact us. Transparency, professionalism, and quality are our 3 most important virtues.

Wimbledon 2018. Round 1. Day 2. Ardeal Analysis and Betting opportunities.

Second day of #Wimbledon will have be kind with us, quantity wise, and will see 32 ATP matches and 32 WTA matches and I will try to analyze shorty these 32 ATP matches.

We will see some top 10 seeds, like #7 seed Thiem, #3 Zverev, #5 Del Potro, #10 Goffin and #2 seed Nadal playing. Most memorable matches to be played are for sure between, Herbert and M. Zverev, Ebden and Goffin, Chardy and Shapovalov, Delpo and Gojowczyk, Kyrgios and Istomin, Tiafoe and Verdasco, and of course Thiem and Baghdatis.

Thiem will face Baghdatis in his first round and despite, Baggy being a capable grass-contender, I guess his recent form and physical problems will make it hard to put any pressure on the Austrian (let’s say mediocre on grass). I would definitely say this will end in 3 sets for the Austrian.

Ferrer will face Khachanov and one can consider this battle a battle of the generations, as 36-year-old Spaniard will face 22-year-old Russian. Ferrer struggled almost every season this surface (besides 2008, 2012 and 2013 when he reached QF in Wimbledon or won grass tournaments). Khachanov possesses the weapons to force an early Ferrer exit here, but a set he might lose, because of his mental issues and consistency. Khachanov should win this in 3 or 4 sets, anyway.

Another battle of the generations will be between Benneteau and Fucsovics.  Both have a rather mediocre record on grass, Benny with 42-41, and Fucsovics with 16-12. Benny played well in Queen’s, winning over Bolelli, McD, and Berdych, which is good for his standards, while Fucsovics has a 1-2 record this year on the grass with a retirement in Halle against Kohli (some ankle problem). The Hungarian is a capable player on grass (won Wimbledon juniors title in 2010) and this to go over 4 sets with Fucsovics winning in 4 or 5.

20-year-old Tiafoe will face 34-year-old Verdasco in one of the best matches to be played in the first round. Tiafoe has the weapons to make Verdasco struggle, while Nando’s recent form and performances make me question why he is favorite here. I guess a long match will be on the table here, with the younger one winning in 4 or 5 sets.

English hope, and best National ranked player, Kyle Edmund will face another very capable player on grass, Australian Alex Bolt. The latter has played 10 matches on grass this season and had a stunning performance during the qualifications here. He got past Halys, Ward, and Kokkinakis. The lefty serve will be a hard nut to crack for Kyle and I expect at least one tie-break here. Edmund should prevail in the end, but not easy at all.

One of the more faded matches is between Sugita and Klahn. Sugita a very good mover with a style suited for grass (flat and precise hitting) will face a player that got through qualifications (surprisingly), defeating Ojeda, Hoang, and Bolelli. His past record on the green stuff is horrible with 1-9 before the Wimbledon qualifications. I would see Sugita winning comfortably here in 3 sets.

Andreozzi and Zeballos will face for a place in the second round, I would say luckily, as both are horrible on the green stuff. Andreozzi has a 2-5 record on grass in his career, while Zeballos a 6-14 record. I would go with Zeballos tho, as he is a better server and I cannot see Andreozzi breaking him that easy.

Sandgren will face the multiple Wimbledon champion, Djokovic, for a place in the 2nd round, and I am sure, not even the „MAGA“ enthusiasts give Sandgren any chance here. Tennys played 4 matches on grass and he lost 3 of them, to some mediocre opposition (Dancvic, Millot, and Fratangelo). Djokovic in 3 without any doubt.

Australian bad-boy, Nick Kyrgios, will face Uzbekh player Istomin. Kyrgios played some good tennis pre-Wimbledon, despite having some injury problems. The fact that he returns so bad and Istomin can serve very good at times, make me believe that Kyrgios will have a harder job than the odds suggest. I might see a little upset here. Depending on both players day-performance. Both know how to win, both know how to tank. Anyway odds on the +6.5 for Istomin are juicy in my opinion.

Romanian Marius Copil will face the infamous Robin Haase from the Netherlands. Both possess a strong serve, Copil in favor here, and both have a pretty shitty return game, better on Haase here. I am sure we will see at least 4 sets here with a couple of tie-breaks played.

Funniest match of the first round for sure is the battle of the „Lucky Losers“. Bernard Tomic, a player you don’t know what to expect from, meets the Polish hope, Hurkacz Hubert. Both possess a strong serve and a long match is in order here, I assume. This for sure if we don’t consider the lame performance Tomic delivered in the final qualification round.

Younger Harrison brother will face Japan hero, Kei Nishikori. Christian Harrison delivered some stunning performance during the qualification rounds, defeating Oliveira, Novikov, and Schnur. Not sure how well Nishikori will manage to overcome this opponent, considering his past results in Wimbledon over the years. This might be closer than the odds suggest if the younger can hold his nerves.

Dzumhur and Marterer will face off in the first round and this is a pretty even priced match, by the bookies. In my books, Dzumhur should win this, as he is the more versatile player, has a better stamina and is also a grass tournament winner (Antalya 2018). Anyway, Marterer’s serve might be a tricky thing to break here in the fresh grass.

Ernests Gulbis, a former top 10 player, is on the path to success again as he realized that his career is ending soon and he has a couple of good years left. He needs to win and he did it in the qualification rounds. He is here to prove something and Clarke shouldn’t be the player to stay in his way.

Sonego will face Fritz in a match between two players that aren’t built for grass, despite possessing great weapons. Neither one of them can move well on this slippery and fast surface. They have met once, and funny enough, on grass and Fritz won in 3 sets. This might be the case here with an over 3.5 sets bet looking good.

James Duckworth of Australia will face the #3 player in the world, Alex Zverev. James didn’t play much lately due to injuries and hasn’t touched any grass matches since 2016. He’s is tho a very capable player on this surface. Zverev had some good results on grass, because of his huge weapons, but recently he struggled big time with injuries and long matches. He cannot close 3-out-of-5 matches shortly as we saw in Roland Garros, which make it hard for a good performance during Slam to happen. Might be closer than the odds suggest.

Delpo will face Gojo for a place in the 2nd round. Delpo has reached once the SF here in Wimbledon, while Gojo has managed to get once to the second round. Despite being a born grass-courter, Gojo has some injury doubts and I cannot see him make it hard for Delpo.

Long match to happen between Lopez and Delbonis, despite the huge odds on Delbonis. Lopez is made for this surface, with his slicing from the backhands, huge serves, and pretty net-plays. Delbonis never won a match on grass, but his serve and lack of return skills from Lopez can make this a contest. He also played well against Fognini couple of years ago in Wimbledon… losing 3-2 in the end.

I would say this one is the best round 1 match of Wimbledon 2018. In-form player, Jeremy Chardy, will face the young-gun Denis Shapovalov. Both possess huge weapons, both have a strong serve, both have the style made for grass. Chardy has a 12-2 record on grass this year, while El Chapo has 1-3 record this year on grass. I can see some tie-breaks happen as both have a good serve and a sub-mediocre return game. I would give the edge to the more capable player, right now, Jeremy.

The odds on Sock v Berrettini look very close and the bookies seem not to understand a thing here. They really don’t know who the edge has. I don’t know it either, sorry. Sock is in pretty shitty form, but his game is better than Berrettini’s. Both have a huge serve and huge forehands, and the fresh grass can make it hard for both to return. Tie-breaks are the go here and maybe over 3.5 sets too as none of these two are consistent enough to close it in 3, in my opinion.

Simon will face Basilashvili, once again. Seems like they meet every other week, these two. The battle of the styles will be nice match-up… with Simon pushing and pushing, while Basilashvili is the ball-basher and hit-and-hoper. Will be nice to see which form Basilashvili will have, as he is in the zone, Simon won’t have a chance (as we saw in French Open 2017).

Ramos will face the 38-year-old player from France, Stephane Robert. The latter got through the qualification stages without any big problems, but his price here at around 2.50 is a tad short for my taste, as Ramos can outrun the grandpa my quite a lot, despite not being made for grass.

Inform, Matthew Ebden will face #9 ranked David Goffin, from Belgium.  Ebden got to the QF in Halle where he pushed Federer close, while Goffin has played only one grass match this season, against Lopez in Queen’s. Goffin leads the H2H 3-1 and I cannot see Ebden win here, despite his great form and grass-tailed playing style. Goffin should be too consistent for Ebden in the end.

Schwartzi will face Basic in the 1st round, and despite Schwartzman never won a match on grass, I guess this will be the ice-breaker against a player that isn’t consistent enough, and also not very in-love with grass too. Might take 4 sets for the Argentine, but in the end, he will win his first grass match, for sure.

Vesely and Mayer will face off in one of the most inconsistent match-ups there can be. Vesely good for grass, but tho… his brain is broken at times. Mayer, on the other hand, is tailed for grass, but his body cannot handle a long match anymore as the years got by him. Over 3.5 sets would be the best bet here in my opinion.

A long match should happen here between Taro Daniel and Fabio Fognini. Daniel hasn’t won a grass match in his career prior to 2018, while Fognini never loved grass at all. Their only meeting was in Davis Cup this year and it was a 5-setter won by Fognini, which might also happen in Wimbledon.

The known fixer and Roland Garros biggest surprise, Marco Cecchinato, will face the Australian hope and Hewitt-copy, Alex De Minaur. De Minaur has the perfect game style for grass, as Hewitt had in the day, while Cecchinato still struggles with the style of grass, with the movement and with the flat hitting. He hasn’t played a competitive grass match until this year and I can see De Minaur winning comfortably here (3 or 4 sets).

A serve-orientated match that is, the one between Herbert and Mischa Zverev. Both possess the serve as the biggest weapon and both will rush to the net to close out points. This will be one of the most interesting matches there will be and a couple of tie-breaks will not be a surprise at all. A long match is on, as both struggle to return and serve hugely.

The ever-injured Canadian, Vasek Pospisil, will face the Kazakh legend, Kukushkin. Their past matches were short and both won at least one of them. Pospisil is better suited to grass tennis, but his physical condition is uncertain at this point. We might have a 3-setter, but I cannot tell to be honest. One of the most unpredictable matches there are.

Sela will face Nadal for the round 2 spot. Nadal is no. 1 in the world and #2 seed here in Wimbledon and has played a couple of grass court preparation matches, one lost to Pouille and one won to Ebden. Nadal’s results in Wimbledon, recently, have been sub-mediocre for his standards: lost to Muller in R16, lost to Brown in R2, lost to Kyriogs in R16, lost to Darcis in R1, and lost to Rosol in R2. Sela is an experienced grass-courter and the speed of the courts help his strategy. The Nadal topspin won’t be as profitable on grass and I can see Sela win at least a set here, if not do a „Darcis“, as we call these surprises.

Pablo Cuevas will face a lucky loser for the round 2 spot, Simone Bolelli. Cuevas played challenger tennis on the clay courts recently and has 0 grass matches this year. Dunno why that is, but Bolelli definitely has a real chance here. Odds on Cuevas are anyway too high, and the value is behind Pablo. Don’t forget that he got to a grass tournament final in Nottingham back in 2016.

Benoit Paire will face another lucky loser, Jason Jung. The latter lost the final qualification round against Fabbiano, while the flamboyant Frenchman showed some good form during the grass season. He has missed match points against Federer and defeated the likes of Johnson and Fritz. This might be easy for Benoit, but what is easy for him? When it is easy he finds a way to make it hard. No-bet for sure.

These are the matches of the second day of #Wimbledon and I think there some value behind the prices. Don’t try and read between the lines and subscribe for the Package! It offers a 200% money-back guarantee!

So, here’s the offer. Take the Wimbledon Package and get a a 200% Money-Back-Guarantee!

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Wimbledon 2018 – Preview and Outright betting

The 3rd Slam of the year, Wimbledon, will start Monday, 2nd of July and will have the men final July 15th. I will look into the draw and analyse a bit some betting opportunities for you guys.

Playing conditions are usually medium-slow at for a grass and as expected the results of big servers and serve/volleyers in recent years are bad and very bad. The CPI (Court Pace Index) rating from Hawk-Eye is 37.0, which puts the tournament in the ‘medium’ category. Weather-wise, the forecast looks very good compared to the past years, with an average of 28°C for the entire next week, and few rain chances.

Federer is the top seed for the men draw, despite being no. 2 in the ATP rankings and will have following possible path to the final:

R1: Lajovic

R2: Bonzi/Lacko

R3: Karlovic/Mayer

R4: Coric/Mannarino

QF: Querrey/Anderson

SF: Cilic/Dimitrov

F: Nadal/Djokovic/Murray


Nadal’s road to the final look a bit harder and bumpier at first glance:

R1: Sela

R2: Kukushkin

R3: Cecchinato

R4: Schwartzman

QF: Delpo/Goffin/Murray

SF: Thiem/Zverev/Djokovic

F: Federer/Cilic


There have been a few grass tournaments in this short swing and the winner names are as follow:

Stuttgart: Federer d. Raonic

Hertogenbosch: Gasquet d. Chardy

Halle: Coric d. Federer

Queen’s: Cilic d. Djokovic

Antalya: Dzumhur d. Mannarino

Eastbourne: Mischa Zverev d. Lacko

Looking at the names we can see some familiar names (like Federer, Cilic, and Raonic), but some surprises too (Coric, Chardy, Gasquet, and Dzumhur). All these players have shown some form during these 3 weeks prior to Wimbledon.

Price-wise in the outright market we have a clear favorite (Federer @ 2.88) and then we have a bunch of 3 guys with almost same chances (Djokovic @ 6.50, Nadal @ 9.00 and Cilic @ 8.50). The next 5 players are priced between 21.00 and 26.00 and those are Zverev, Kyrgios, Delpo, Raonic, and Murray.

The Swiss Maestro is a fair favorite for the title, and despite taking time off (like last year) during the clay season (3 months) and lacking some match practice he is the guy to beat. He is the title holder and public favorite too. His Stuttgart road to the title was rather hard (as expected after a long time off), losing sets to Mischa Zverev and Kyrgios during. The Halle road was even harder, looking at the results. He has lost set to Paire (saved match points in the deciding set tie-break too) but also struggled against Ebden and Kudla. The final was a match to remember for the eventual winner, Borna Coric. Federer played “pale” and didn’t look good at all during the match. Maybe the time off, or the two consecutive tournaments were too much for the 37-year-old champion. His stats weren’t that good neither during the Halle week, with a little above 100 serve-break combo.

Novak Djokovic, the second favorite in the eyes of the bookies, had a hard road from injury. the Queen’s week was very good, in my opinion, despatching Millman, Dimitrov, Mannarino, and Chardy in straight sets. He lost the final eventually to Cilic after missing match point on return and a 4-1 lead in the 2nd set tie-break. That one was very ugly, as I have tipped Djokovic to win the tournament @ 6.50 back then. His stats on grass during the last year are good to say least, having a 123,6 combined ratio, also amazingly a 114.1 ratio during all his Wimbledon matches. His last wins here were in 2014 and 2015 when he defeated Federer in both of the finals.

Marin Cilic is a great prospect for this year’s tournament and has a great grass court record in his career (75 wins and 26 losses). His results during this grass season were good, having won the only grass tournament, in Queen’s, defeating Djokovic in the final, after saving a match point (service winner). His results in Wimbledon are usually okish for his level, with at least QF in the past 4 years and reaching the final last year (lost to Federer). His performance in the last year’s final was disappointed as he was unable to fully compete, having an ugly foot blister that limited his movement a lot.

Rafa Nadal has won twice Wimbledon, but both times back in the day (2008 and 2010). HIs recent results at Wimbledon are sub-par performances, losing to Muller in R16 (in 2017), to Brown in R2 (in 2015), to Kyrgios in R16 (in 2014), to Darcis in R1 (in 2013) and to Rosol in R2 (in 2012). His grass matches this year are almost nonexistent as he decided to skip all pre-Wimbledon tournaments (he played two Exhibition matches on grass, lost to Pouille 7/6 7/5 and won against Ebden 7/6 7/5).

The other set of players with slim chances are Delpo, Zverev, Kyrgios, Murray, and Raonic. Kyrgios and Raonic are made to play on grass and their suited aggressive, serve-orientated game-style should make them reach at least QFs in Wimbledon. BUT, Kyrgios has almost entire year physical problems (combined with some mental issues too) and is unable to rely too much on his body, while also relying too much on tie-breaks played. He has dreadful return stats (under 10% break of serves) and that is really too low for even wanting to achieve something notable in any Slam. Raonic reached the SF back in 2014 and the final in 2016, which he lost to Murray. His last losses at Wimby were to Kyrgios, Federer x2 and Murray, which can be assessed as really good opposition. Del Potro has a good grass record, but his Wimbledon performances really let everyone down in the past years, managing to reach only one SF back in 2013, and early exits in 2016 and 2017 (to Pouille and Gulbis). Zverev’s record in Slams is well-known and as long as he cannot focus entirely on the matches and winning easy first rounds he has absolutely no chance in getting close to any semi-final. Remember Roland Garros, where he needed 5 sets against Lajovic, Dzumhur, and Khachanov, just to lose easy to Thiem in the QF.

Looking at the draw now, make us realize that the Goddess Fortune worked in favor of Nadal, but let’s be honest for a bit…  Somebody might do a Brown or a Darcis on his way to the final stages. His lack of grass tennis recently and his body cannot do well enough on this low bouncing surface.

My conclusion is that We have two contenders that might be worth taking into consideration.

The first one is Cilic (@ 8.00)  and the second one is Djokovic (@ 6.50.


Cilic’s road to the title should be as follow:

R1: Nishioka

R2: Pella/Kubler

R3: Krajinovic

R4: Raonic/Pouille

QF: Isner/Tsitsipas/Dimitrov

SF: Anderson/Coric/Federer

F: Djokovic/Nadal/Murray


Djokovic’s path to the final should be as follow:

R1: Sandgren

R2: Zeballos

R3: Edmund

R4: Verdasco/Thiem

QF: Kyrgios/Zverev

SF: Delpo/Goffin/Nadal

F: Cilic/Federer


My two picks for this year’s Wimbledon will be Cilic(8 units @ 8.00) and Djokovic (6 units @ 6.50). Both have shown both, consistency and good morale in the past weeks, while their results at this particular Slam were good.

Quarter 1 will have Federer, Anderson, Coric, Gasquet, and Querrey as best contenders.

Quarter 2 will have Cilic, Raonic, Dimitrov, Isner, and Pouille.

Quarter 3 will have Djokovic, Kyrgios, Zverev, Thiem, and Nishikori.

Quarter 4 will have Nadal, Del Potro, Murray, Goffin, and Shapovalov.



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Ardeal subscription. Debrief and future plans.

Hey all,

As you have definitely seen the results in the past weeks, as for today 28th June, have been dreadful to say least and I wanted to come over with some kind of explanation and future steps for the service. Many of you know me from the BetDistrict, back in the days, or maybe from BettingKingdom, both sites where I have published free tips with a great success. I assume most of you know and followed me back at BookieInsiders where I have been tipping successful for over 3 years (4000 tips over 3 years with a 9.8% ROI). I do appreciate the confidence and the trust put in me, but as I have shown I do also appreciate the loyalty to me, moving to TipstersClub, offering to the long-term subscribers a substantial discount.  Discounts won’t make you any happier these weeks, not even a free subscription can make you happy right now, which I won’t try to imply in any way. The results were dreadful, and I am the worst critic of me and of my service as I try to make TipstersClub as good as a service as I expect to be any service I want to subscribe to (premium and paid service).

Some short debrief over the past weeks will follow. There were a lot of tips, and that is a fact. There were a lot of valuable tips that got crushed (the prices) over the hours and that shows me that I have done some good things. There were also some bad bets, which I won’t try to hide. The results since we started TipstersClub in February are as follow (https://tipstersclub.com/statistics/):

Total Profit: +54.944 units

Total stake: 5770.50 units

ROI: +0.952%

Bets won: 347/968 (35.847%)

Average stake: 5.961 units

Average Odds: 4.876

These stats are all combined with the stats via Free Tips (first two months of TipstersClub have offered exclusive free tips). Since I started the paid tips, everything has gone downwards and the profit made in those months is almost inexistent right now. A rough calculation will make it that I have been tipping at TipstersClub for 135 days having tipped 968 tips (settled), which makes an average of 7,17 tips each day with an average of 0.056 units profit for each tip. These numbers are bad, and I can approve of that. Considering these stats I have some announcements to make so you know the direction the service is going. The number of bets has been growing because I have tried (have priory tried that personally with success tho) to implement a tactic where quantity will meet with quality and despite having a lower ROI with many tips, the overall profit would be greater and the chance of hitting bad runs is smaller. This strategy is great for the very long term, like 18 months at least (since I am doing it myself), based on bookies and markets with high liquidity, like Pinnacle or Matchbook (available with sports traders). The fact that the last weeks have demolished a good part of the bankroll due to this strategy makes me think that it is not the best one to have as a tennis tipster.

Some cons for the past weeks:

–          Results were really bad

–          Way too many tips for most of the subscribers

–          Too time-consuming to place all tips

–          Outright bets were rarely reached (price wise) as advised odds

–          Many matches mean many bad beats

–          The sample of  <2.00 odds were unprofitable

Some pros for the past weeks:

–          Value bets were present

–          Nice underdog wins

–          Good profit from the underdog bets

–          Many, many trading or hedging opportunities

Having bad beats and having players that lose from Match-Point up, players that lose from winning more points than the opponent, Players tipped 4+, that reach 1.20 in-play that lose, outright bets that lose inexplicably as heavy, clear favorites… all these are a part of the game and I have to accept them. These are what make variance such a bitch, but these influence the end stats and overall profit. I won’t say that only those have brought me here, in this hole of the past weeks, but I am saying that that was a part of it. I have done maybe some mistakes that I try to correct in the future and that’s why the service will follow next step over the next weeks:

–          There will be a maximum of 100 betting tips each month, no matter how many value bets I see in a day, I will choose from them and give you just the best (personal choice).

–          Time to place the tips will be lower considering an average of 3-4 tips each day.

–          Bookie that will be used for tipping: Pinnacle, Matchbook, SBO, Betdaq, Betfair Exchange 80% of the times (these are all very easy to follow if you open a sports trader account. These have the best odds, reachable and best limits. If you have no contact for that, just write me on twitter or a mail and hopefully we can find the best solution), bet365, unibet/888, Betfair SP/Paddy, Marathon, WillHill 20% of the times (these have been known to limit winners, but on the up-side it is rather easy to create and create new accounts on family and friends names)

–          Outright bets will be just a small part of the tipping service

–          Expected ROI will be 15% over the next 3 months (I will come to you with an update after this period)

–          Expected win rate should go to 40%

–          I will place at least 80% of the bets as underdog bets, that should be favorites or close to favorites and the other 20% on <2.00 bets that should be around 1.50 at best, so bets with huge value!

–          There will be some free tips (for marketing purposes), but please follow them too!

–          As you have seen, time of tipping is usually in the morning of the matches as every bookie has priced the matches, or sometimes in the night before (this will stay the same)

–          Notification emails will come once for every lot of tips (there has been a poll on twitter regarding this issue and people accept email notifications and 1 mail for every lot as best option)

–           There will be no “BOOMing” or anything like that on  TipstersClub twitter account, no more score updates or anything individual match related (That I will do on the personal Twitter account, without the Booming tho)


Considering all these, please accept my apologies for the late results and please let me know what you think about this new implementation I want to and will do. Your opinion and suggestion matter and that’s why I sent this mail to each and every #Ardeal subscriber. You are a valuable member of the team and your money is as valuable as the service itself. I will make up to the bad days!

Kind regards,

Halcyon Week on the Golf at tipstersclub.com

After a run of break-even weeks on the Golf last week at tipstersclub.com members crushed on both models pushing our ROI over 15%.

To start the day over in Germany at the BMW International Open, our place model yielded 4 winners as Matthew Nixon top 40 5/1, Gonzalez Fernandez- Castano top 40 at 12/5, then we had Nick Geyger top 20 at 22/1 which was dead heat so effectively an 11/1 winner and also small dead heat winner on David Drysdale top 40 at 9/2.

Then to America in the evening for the Travellers Championship were the place model yielded a 25/1 winner with Chase Seiffert top20, perversely a couple of bankers lost but over the week our place model had 23 selections with:

21.9 units staked

+34.2 units return

+12.3 unit profit

The weekend then got a whole load better as Bubba Watson (our biggest stake) flew past a stuttering Paul Casey to land members a 40/1 winner advised first show with SportingBet, this was Bubba Watson’s 3rd title here after earlier in year landing his 3rd Genesis for members at 50/1, currently in golf there is no finer horse for a course than Bubba as he also has 2 Masters backed up by a place this year. He is often underrated in the markets and when in the mix his strike rate goes through the roof, which is probably down to his mercurial nature, and total belief as there is no bigger natural talent in the game.

To make improve matters Stewart Cink landed a place at 140/1 which was again advised first thing on Monday as we were pretty confident there was never going to be a better price.

Outright Model

8 units staked

+65.2 unit return

+57.2 unit profit

We advise bets very early in the week, when possible sucking the early value for members, and it was pleasing to see it all come together on Outright Model which is high variance in comparison to place model.

This week with the Open De France and Quicken Loans National to concentrate on for members and currently have 6 place model bets and 9 outright bets available for members with a few more to add.

Why not come and join us at tipstersclub.com and start backing some golf winner!

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The new Snooker Season is just over a week away

With the new snooker season only a week away it’s time for me, this week, to price up next weeks qualifying matches at the Preston Guild Hall (2nd July to 9th July).

With their time off some players will have taken a well deserved holiday, others will have enjoyed time without a cue in their hand, some especially the Q School qualifiers will be razor sharp and never keener, either way, the few weeks off will enable players to start afresh with some technique tinkering, new cue, and less mental baggage than normal.

This, however, returns quickly for some once the new season gets in full swing as learned behavior is hard to shake long term but any bets we have, our staking plan will cover these variables and you can expect stakes to raise as the season gets in full swing.

The two qualifying events are the Kaspersky Riga Masters (7 frame matches) and the World Open (9 frame matches).

Some players will be under-prepared as we mentioned earlier, some will be very sharp so these are perfect dynamics to bet with, top players need a break after the hard season so this is not a criticism just a fact of a top snooker players’ life.

These early qualifying rounds and any early rounds are where value often lay in abundance, I will tweet when tips are posted and if possible will tweet to let you know when to expect them.

In my bio, I said that you can expect the majority of tips in early rounds so be ready and prepared to hit the ground running bearing in mind our staking plan will steadily increase as the season gets in full swing.

Remember it’s a long season and I hope you’re going to enjoy the journey, and also make some money via @TipstersClub!

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World Cup 2018 – FREE outright tip – No Surprises, No Risks – 200% Money-Back Guarantee

What’s a World Cup without a dark horse? And no Belgium doesn’t count.

Looking at the Exchange, let’s look at the team with a 5 percent chance or less. First up is Portugal, who can be backed at 27s. They are the reigning European champions, they have the second-best player in the world up front and have talented understudies in Bernardo Silva, Guedes and Guerreiro.

They are well coached, certainly streetwise and were my tip to win the Euros, which makes me forever grateful for their past glories.

But the past is the past and now their time has passed. Pepe and Alves are 71 between them and their group is not as simple as portrayed.

At the 30s is Uruguay and now we are talking. Partnerships all over the pitch from the Athletico Madrid pairing of Godin and Giminez to Suarez and Cavani up top. Seven of the successful 2010 semi-finalists remain, but to counter the aging, manager Tabarez has introduced the young guns into midfield. Expect Arsenal target, Torreira, Inters’s Vecino and Juve’s Bentancur to show. If they show well, then who knows…

Croatia at 38s is less interesting. For a start, they are in the toughest group. They are aging, without the young talent in midfield and off the pitch, they are an accident waiting to happen, as seen at the last Euros.

At the big prices, we have Denmark 120s and Serbia 180s and Peru 230s. The latter two I find highly doubtful – Peru are susceptible in the air and I don’t expect them to exit the group, while Serbia looks nice on paper, but recently changed the manager. New guy Krstajic has no experience and dramatic change at this point is hardly the ideal preparation.

Which leaves Denmark. My tip to squeeze out Peru, Denmark have a world-class talent in midfield, pace on the wings in Sisto and a solid block with Delaney protecting Kjaer, Christensen and Schmeichel at the back.

Free bet

Denmark to Qualify – 3 units – 1.8 (Exchange or Matchbook)

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World Cup 2018 – FREE outright tip – No Surprises, No Risks – 200% Money-Back Guarantee

Viva Espana

With the World Cup starting in four days, it’s time to nail our colors to the mast. Four teams are trading at single figures and for me, the winner lies within this quartet. Brazil head the market, available at 5.4. Manager Tite has brought the feelgood factor back and the team balances the solid midfield engine of Fernandinho, Paulinho, and Casemiro, with the flair of the forwards, Jesus, Neymar, and Coutinho.

The concerns for me is the space behind the fullbacks and how the team handles the high press, which is something they have limited experience of. At 5.4, this is a team I respect but feel can be taken on.
Germany is next in the market at 6.00. Again, the quality of the team cannot be doubted, with the sublime Kroos pulling the strings. This is a team that presses better than most and are built on the solid foundations of Neuer, Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels, and Hector. Werner will lead the line and maybe a little green for this level and Khedira feels like he could be isolated against the better teams.

When it comes to pressing and tactical innovation, we come to third favorites, Spain. For me, Spain are the best team in the tournament. They have the best keeper in De Gea, the best defence in Carvajal, Ramos, Pique and Alba. They press better than anyone else and have the guile of Isco, Silva and Iniesta in the forward third.

No team is perfect. Busquets is potentially in decline, while striker, Costa is unsure of his place, with Aspas and Rodrigo viable alternatives. However, all things being equal, 7.5 seems a good price for the most complete team on the tournament.

Making up the four favorites are France– a team I am happy to lay. I remain skeptical about the manager Deschamps and remember, this is a team that lost to Sweden and drew with Belarus and Luxembourg in qualifying. Deschamps appears to have plumped for 4-3-3, which means star forward, Griezmann is pushed out wide and adds to the concerns that he will struggle to accommodate the riches available to him.

3 units Spain 7.5

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the dark horses.

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Roland Garros Women’s Final: Simona Halep v Sloane Stephens (Preview and Betting Tip)

The Roland Garros final comes with some nice betting opportunities, in my opinion. Number one in the world and #1 seed, Simona Halep, will face number 10 in the world and 10th seed, American Sloane Stephens in an epic clash on 9th of June, around 15:00 French Time.

This is the most important match of Halep’s career, by far, and also one of the most facile she could ever have. Let’s talk a little about Halep here. She loves the red dirt and her favorite tournament is Roland Garros. She has an amazing 173W-59L on clay in her career. In her last 3 seasons, she lost only 9 battles on clay and won 45 of them, winning 2 Masters titles and 1 WTA title during that time.

Her results in Roland Garros can be called good, reaching 3 finals in the past 5 seasons, lost final in 2014 to Sharapova, lost final in 2017 to Ostapenko and now will face Sloane in 2018 final.  The hardest to digest for Halep was the final against Ostapenko when she was 1.44 fave to win the title, and she was 6-4 3-0*up and had 3 double-break points over Ostapenko… From that point, Halep lost 6 of the last 8 service games and faced BPs in 7 of those 8. It is true that  Ostapenko was in the zone in the last 2 sets hitting 40 winning during those sets.

Halep’s campaign this year in Roland Garros was quite impressive, to be honest, despite starting really slow (was down 5-0 to Riske in the 1st set played in #RG18). After that, she won next two sets 6-1 6-1 to Riske(#83), won 6-3 6-1 to Townsend(#72), 7-5 6-0 to Petkovic(#107), 6-2 6-1 to Mertens(#1), 6-7 6-3 6-2 to Kerber(#12) and 6-1 6-4 to Muguruza(#3).  She was VERY impressive during all her matches and she spent 9 hours 7 minutes on-court during her 6 matches played. Look at the stats of 2018 for Halep: 70.7% service games won and 49.7% of the return games, during the 32 matches played. That is a combined ratio of 120,40, which INSANELY good! If those were insanely good, just take a look at the #RG18 stats: She held serve 43/57 service games (75,44%) and broke serve 38/60 return games (63,33%)… this combined ratio give her a total of 138,77… And this stats came from opposing players like Muguruza, Mertens, and Kerber!

Stephens is the hard-court player that got into the final by chance (in my opinion). She has nothing to do here and defeated players like Rus, Frech, Giorgi, Kontaveit, Kasatkina and Keys to get here. Only players which were made for clay that she defeated (and have a high level of tennis) were Kontaveit (which came after 2+ hours against Kvitova) and Kasatkina (which lost her head during the QF). During her 21 matches played in 2018, she broke 47.8% of times and held serve 64,3%. The combined total is 112,10, compared to 120,40 of Halep. During Roland Garros, she has broken 31/56 return games (55,36%) and held serve 47/55 (85,45%)… The combined is better than Halep’s and is just a combination of weak opponents, luck, and poor performances: 140,81, compared to the 138,77 of Halep. The results of Sloane on clay in her career are 86W-45L and has reached 4 times the R16 in Roland Garros so far. Her last losses at RG were against Halep, Williams, and Pironkova.

If the stats and opponents at Roland Garros aren’t enough, the head-to-head results and match-up will make you understand why Halep should win this match rather easily. Halep won last 4 direct matches, all oft hem in straight sets. There was only one clay court match played in the last 4 (and all in straight sets), the one in Roland Garros 2014, where Halep won 6-4 6-3 (both players improved since quite heavily). Last two matches were played on Sloane’s favorite surface (hard courts), in AMERICA (where Sloane plays her best tennis). Halep won 7-6 6-0 in Washington and 6-2 6-1 in Cincinnati. Let’s talk stats of those last two matches because the other come in 2015 or older.  During those two matches, Halep held serve 15/16 service games (93,75%) and broke serve 9/17 return games (52,94%), which gives her a total of 146,69. Sloane, on the other hand, held serve 8/17 service games (47,06%) and broke serve 1/16 (6,25%), which gives her a total of 53,31. Remember she broke Halep just once (Halep biggest weakness is her serve).

Match-up wise, we can see that Halep DOESN’T struggle against Sloane in any way, on any given surface. She can outlast Sloane in rallies, she can punish her serve while protecting her weak serve quite impressively. I have no doubt that Halep has a better forehand, a better backhand, a better movement, a better stamina, a better clay-court overall tennis, while Sloane has just a better serve and a better record in Slam finals (Opposition were hugely different- I am sure Sloane would have lost all 3 Halep finals in straight sets).

The only factor that I can think of, that can influence in any way the outcome, is the fact that Halep lost all 3 Slam finals (Sharapova- RG14. Ostapenko- RG17, Wozniacki- AO18), and all in 3 hard sets, while Sloane won her only Slam final (Keys US17), quite easily. There also will be huge pressure on Halep, as everybody says „This is the best chance she got to win a Slam“ and they are right, to be honest.

Current form, head-to-head, the match-up, the recent and long-term form, the surface, the weather (expected showers and18-27 Celcius, which mean slower conditions) talk not only about a Halep win here, but also a straight-set HALEP win here! 2.26 @ Pinnacle for Halep -1.5 sets.