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The snooker season has started recently and our snooker expert has tipped few bets in the past week, but all of them being careful about the stakes. Dunno if you have read Craig’s bio page (Link to Craig’s Bio), and I will definitely advise you to do. Long story short he is a former top 100 professional snooker player. Back in the day, he played O’Sullivan, Hendry, Davis (these are all world champions, just FYI if you didn’t follow snooker at all) and so on.

After quitting the professional sportsman life he started gambling on what he knew best- snooker. Combining a fine knowledge about the sport and mental aspects of all professional sportsmen and also a mathematical thinking with a gambling education (created for years and years of gambling) makes him the tipster to follow!

He has been self-sustaining, financially, for at least 10 years now and that is something I would, personally, search in a premium tipster. The general opinion about the sports betting is mostly wrong, as people tend to follow only sports they understand and they can partly analyze themselves. The true story about paying a premium tipster is that you have to blindly follow what he sells, from betting tips, minimum odds, bookies and to most important staking plan. Never doubt what a professional is tipping and, IF you found a true expert in that sport and with a betting experience, don’t ever judge the picks he made.

Craig’s Snooker stats are as follow:

As you can see he started very well in February and March, while April reduced a bit of the profit, but we ended with a good World Championship and ended up the season in profit. As Craig said in his recent blog-post (A Poor Opening Week of the Snooker Season when experience beats potential), the start of the season is harder, but he did follow all Snooker schools and has also reduced the stakes for the first month, until the players get comfortable and get a bit of form.

If you will follow him blindly, you won’t regret it for sure. There are 46 snooker events during the season and most of them will have betting opportunities for his subscribers. Snooker is becoming one of the most liked sports for betting, and also is a top 3 sport in Asia nowadays (where most of the money is invested). Conventional bookies have made a big step too, by pricing all matches and offering different markets for each match. You know from other sports, where the big markets are MoneyLine, Asian Handicap, Correct Score and Totals… well snooker will come with some other markets like the biggest break, first century and so on… markets that are easily found at most bookies.

We have adjusted the prices of the snooker packages and also have introduced the long term packages, where there is a discount included in the price!

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