Craig29-147s and his results at TipstersClub.Com continue to AMAZE!

After 8 months since TipstersClub.Com has opened its premium service, we can undoubtedly say that there are good tipsters in the team, tipsters that have proven long-term profits in the past years, but we also can say that all tipsters, BUT ONE, have found some bad variance during these months.

That tipster that has delivered month in and month out is Craig29x147s!

If you haven’t read Craig’s bio page (Link to Craig’s Bio) you should definitely do it, even as a light read. Long story short he is a former top 100 professional snooker player. Back in the day, he played O’Sullivan, Hendry, Davis (these are all world champions, just FYI if you didn’t follow snooker at all) and so on.

After quitting the professional sportsman life he started gambling and poker,  providing a living from these. Combining a fine knowledge about the sport and mental aspects of all professional sportsmen, and also a mathematical thinking with a gambling education (created for years and years of gambling), makes him the tipster to follow! After having won several years his money via snooker betting and poker he started betting on his other beloved sport: golf. Analyzing each week the performances, watching tons of golf and using stats and personal approaches to the sport and betting he managed to end past years with an ROI higher than 15%, which insane on the number of bets taken.

He has been self-sustaining, financially, for at least 15 years now and that is something I would, personally, search in a premium tipster. The general opinion about the sports betting is mostly wrong, as people tend to follow only sports they understand and they can partly analyze themselves. The true story about paying a premium tipster is that you have to blindly follow what he sells, from betting tips, minimum odds, bookies and to most important staking plan. Never doubt what a professional is tipping and, IF you found a true expert in that sport and with a betting experience, don’t ever judge the picks he made. I know a lot of persons that don’t follow golf at all and have subscribed to Craig… Placing the bets from Monday to Wednesday… and just checking the results on Sunday (most of the times collecting profits too).

Now about the results, which is the best way to draw a more eloquent picture. As you know he is tipping two sports, divided into 3 services (Snooker, Golf Places Model, Golf Outright Model).

I will analyze each service on its own and all together (best option to purchase all services to be able to trick the variance more easily).

Combined stats: 

If you would have followed all tips from all 3 services you would have had 7 out of 8 months in profit, and having unbelievable stats!

Growth graph:


So let’s draw this even more and introduce the money part into the ecuation:

Total Profit 257.08 units
ROI 29.95%
1 unit = 10 € Profit: +2,570.80 €
1 unit = 20 € Profit: +5,141.60 €
1 unit = 50 € Profit: +12,854.00 €
1 unit = 100 € Profit: +25,708.00 €

Just consider that you had to pay following prices for the entire year (and still would have 4 months left):

Package Price / Period
Golf Places Model €200.00 / year
Golf Outright Model €120.00 / year
Snooker €250.00 / year
TOTAL €570.00 / year

Even with a €10.00 / unit stake you would have made +2,000.80 €

Outright Model stats: 

If you followed the outright model service, you would have got 6/8 profitable months, and an amazing 118% ROI! All these came from outright betting, each-way betting, and first-round-leader betting!

If you ever saw a better stats sheet, please share… But I doubt you have seen something like this after almost 400 bets with huge odds:

With an advised 100 units starting bankroll on outright betting, you would have tripled it during these months! That ROI and an average stake of 0.45 units make the results even sweeter!

Places Model stats: 

You can see a steady and confortable (also easy to get odds) profit and growth of the bankroll. The Places Model had 4/8 profitbal months since the start in February. All these results came from Places bets (top5, 10, 20, 30, 40) and first-round places bets:

The stats speak for themselves:

With a starting bank of 120 units and an average stake of 0.82 units you would have increased your bankroll during these months with a +40,30% margin!

Snooker stats: 

It is important to state that we started the snooker betting in the end of the competitional season, and the stakes during these past months have been rather small (average stake 1.03 units)compared to what they will become.

Betting snooker during these months would have brought you a 4/8 profitable months and a small profit:

As you can see, there was no big involvement during the summer break, and this month Craig will start to increase the stakes and drift the bets won % as the competitional snooker has fully started.

What to expect from each service?

Snooker – reliable profits, medium stakes, small variance, 1.50-4.00 odds (money-line, outrights, asian handicaps, centuries bets, totals)

Outright model – huge profits, small stakes, high variance, huge odds (first round leaders, each-way and outright winners)

Places model – good profits, bigger stakes, low variance, medium to high odds (Top5, 10, 20 and 40 for first round or tournament)

If you will follow him blindly, you won’t regret it for sure- That I can guarantee. There are at least 25 more tournaments in 2018, in golf, and in each week you will have at least one tournament taking place… which can be translated in having bets week in, week out.

These packages are meant for people that look at betting in a professional way, punters that can follow blindly a professional tipster and ask no questions. The Places model will use lower prices, top 5, top 10, top 20 and top 40 markets for the outright or first round leader market, used from usual bookies. The outright model will use the usual outright betting for the event or first-round leader, combined with the each-way betting on most of the bets (considering that the prices will be high tho).

We have adjusted the prices of the golf packages, making them more affordable and also we have introduced the long-term packages, where there is a discount included in the price!

Our suggestion is to purchase all 3 packages because:

  • Variance can be tricked better (whenever golf is down, snooker might help, and vice-versa)
  • The prices are affordable and spreading the bets along more bets with same ROI is wise decision
  • Craig will gain more money via subscriptions and we can keep him in the team even longer
  • Spread the bets around more bookies, and more sports is always wise


Time to subscribe! 

Get the golf subscriptions by visiting Craig’s golf product page: Link here.
Get the snooker subscriptions by visiting Craig’s snooker product page: Link here.

Read Craig’s bio, see his stats and see his reviews by visiting: Link here.

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