The new Snooker Season is just over a week away

With the new snooker season only a week away it’s time for me, this week, to price up next weeks qualifying matches at the Preston Guild Hall (2nd July to 9th July).

With their time off some players will have taken a well deserved holiday, others will have enjoyed time without a cue in their hand, some especially the Q School qualifiers will be razor sharp and never keener, either way, the few weeks off will enable players to start afresh with some technique tinkering, new cue, and less mental baggage than normal.

This, however, returns quickly for some once the new season gets in full swing as learned behavior is hard to shake long term but any bets we have, our staking plan will cover these variables and you can expect stakes to raise as the season gets in full swing.

The two qualifying events are the Kaspersky Riga Masters (7 frame matches) and the World Open (9 frame matches).

Some players will be under-prepared as we mentioned earlier, some will be very sharp so these are perfect dynamics to bet with, top players need a break after the hard season so this is not a criticism just a fact of a top snooker players’ life.

These early qualifying rounds and any early rounds are where value often lay in abundance, I will tweet when tips are posted and if possible will tweet to let you know when to expect them.

In my bio, I said that you can expect the majority of tips in early rounds so be ready and prepared to hit the ground running bearing in mind our staking plan will steadily increase as the season gets in full swing.

Remember it’s a long season and I hope you’re going to enjoy the journey, and also make some money via @TipstersClub!

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