No Pinnacle, IBC, Matchbook or SBO account? Don’t worry! There is SportMarket for all of these!

We all know which bookies are the best in business and which you need to avoid, or at least need to trick to get money from their pockets.

Once you get to the level of betting where you constantly win you will find out that there are two kinds of bookies around:
1. Where one account is enough for the entire life… And that is the bookie that welcomes winners.
2. Where you need to create accounts once a month with different names because you won. These bookies can be called casual bookmakers and most of them are this kind.

This blog-post is meant to describe better the first category of bookies will include bookies and betting exchanges like Pinnacle, Betfair, Betdaq, GalaxyBet, IBC, ISN, Matchbook, SBO, and Singbet.
These are sites where you can win without the fear of getting limited or suspended because you won. These sites have good limits on the bets and most of the markets that you can find on regular bookmakers.

The main problem with these bookies is that they don’t allow new customers from different countries. Gambling, being a universal activity, many people from many countries want to bet and want to win. Of course, they want to bet where the bookmaker juice is low (their commision on each bet). The closer you get to a 2.00 – 2.00 price combination in a coin flip, the better you are settled for the long run. You might ask now, what is to be done to create these accounts with these bookies if they don’t allow customers from your country.

Here comes into play the sports broker!


I will present to you the advantages of using a broker in the long run and assist you through the account creation. SportMarket will create anonymous accounts for you at following bookies/exchanges: Pinnacle, Betfair, Betdaq, GalaxyBet, IBC, ISN, Matchbook, SBO, and Singbet. (You will be able to use most of them, but there will be some missing because of country restrictions)

First of all access and you will see the following page. The site is slick and looks very good, as it was newly upgraded.

After you hit register button you will get to the account creation page where you need to add the following information from the print-screen:

You can create an account with SportMarket from countries like (stating just the biggest): Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE.

As you see in this list there are a few countries missing, the biggest of them are England and the USA. England (But still can use Ireland) has a no-way policy for Pinnacle accounts, while in the USA there is still a problem with gambling overall.

You can create the account and use as currency: USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, and NOK.

After you hit register you will have to write the Validation Code in the box and hit you agree with everything in the T&Cs (Please do read them, as they have a compact version there). After you hit “Create Account” you will get an email with further information about the broker.

Now you have a new SportMarket account. This might be a bit confusing at the beginning, but it is easy to understand and work within the end.

There are two types of accounts:
– Main SportMarket account (which we created) and where you will see the balances at first
– PRO SportMarket account where you have to move your money once you deposit… Pro will be the place you bet in the end.

Next step for the use of the account is depositing money. You can use Bankwire, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and Bitcoin. I have used so far Skrill and Bitcoin and it is as easy at it can get.

The minimum deposit amount is €250. Please note that we will charge a 1% fee for deposits over €1,000 and a €10 deposit fee for all deposits under €1,000.

After you deposit, you need to create a pro account by hitting the “Create PRO Account” button at the right top of the page.

After you created that account (note that the password may be different for those two accounts), you need to go to My Account – Transfer and there you can move the money from the Main account to the PRO account.

Now you are set up with the account!

There is another thing you need to do, and that is the KYC procedure where you send a copy of your ID and proof of address, so they won’t get in trouble by allowing “illegal” gamblers to bet with them (from illegal countries). You will get that information when necessary via mail.

As you get the PRO SportMarket account the page is going to look like this:

You can bet on following sports with SportMarket:

Now comes the best part to compare some prices and see some limits available.

I will take a football and a tennis example and compare the prices to your regular bookies.

This is the Premier League page (at the time of writing) and I will analyze the Newcastle v Chelsea match:

Clicking on any odds, for example, the ML on Chelsea you will see all available prices and liquidities for those prices:

As you already knew, Pinnacle often offers the best prices, but now you can also take the bet at Betdaq. The best thing is that no matter which price you choose, SportMarket will bet on the highest available price that has the liquidity you require or will split the amount in more individual bets that have at least the price you selected!

Another fun fact is that you can take 792 euro from Pinnacle with 1.689 and after that Pinnacle will add more liquidity (but sometimes will remove little the price after a larger bet).

Now looking at the Tennis from Winston Salem and at the Struff v Jarry match. You can see that the prices are good and the liquidity is OK (liquidities get even higher on in-play betting). The fact that you can bet several times can make your stake as big as you want in the end.

All these been said, we can acknowledge that using a sports broker that we can trust has a lot of benefits:
– Good prices
– High liquidity
– Choosing from unavailable bookies (location wise)
– Secure
– You don’t need to declare any incomes as SportMarket doesn’t talk to the authorities about your betting
– Safe to use from everywhere in the world (VPN required in the forbidden countries)
– Nice and easy to use mobile site
– Many deposit options
– Choosing the best price automatically from all available ones on the market
– User (Buddy) transfers
– Live Chat (that actually works)
– Very quick and helpful email support

Some might find the following as negatives:
– Minimum deposit is €250 and a 1% (minimum €10) deposit fee
– KYC required
– 1% withdraw fee (minimum €10)
– Minimum withdrawal is €250 and a 1% (minimum €10) withdrawal fee
– Smaller limits than the original bookies (Half limits than an authentic Pinnacle account… But you can bet several times tho)


Here Deposit, withdrawals, transfers & fees

I hope I did get all the required information in this blog post and I hope you will enjoy betting with SportMarket in the future. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us! For the future, we will be able to generate some kind of offers for all users that registered from TipstersClub!

Enjoy SportMarket!

Kind regards,

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