Finally some hope for the Bulls fans!

Chicago Bulls fans did not have many motives to be optimistic or happy in the recent years but I think better times are coming for them. I believe that this season they will compete for the playoffs! Yeah, I said it! Do I think they will make it? No. However, I do believe that they have a real chance and their roster look really good compared to the last seasons.


Next I will present why do I like this Bulls team and why do I think they will go over the 30.5 Wins that the bookies have settled for them.


1. They have a deep rotation

If you read some of my previous work you do know this is a very important think for me when I tip a team to go over the wins total. Having a deep roster is very important because is impossible that you do not get a good number of injuries during the 82 games of the regular season. Let’s take a look at ever position and see what their coach have at disposal for the upcoming season.

At point guard they have new signing Satoransky who seems that will be the starter for the first game of the season. Backing him up they have 7th overall pick Coby White who I like a lot. We will talk more about him later. They also have Kris Dunn but I expect he will be traded. If this is the case they might get another good rotation player at another position.

At shooting guard they have Zach Lavine starting which is very nice. Lavine is an elite offensive player. He had a very underrated season scoring no less than 24.7 points per game with a true shooting percentage of 57.3. He will have Denzel Valentine and Antonio Blakeney backing him up. None of these guys are at Lavine level but I believe they are alright bench players for a team that only hope to make the playoffs.

At the small forward position the Bulls have their trade acquisition from the last season, Otto Porter. He is a very good 3 and D player that will clearly help this young core with his experience. He was the third best players of the Wizards team for 2 or 3 years when that team was actually very strong, so he is clearly a quality starter for a playoff team. Backing him up we have sophomore Chandler Hutchinson. I am not sure about this guy, but he is pretty athletic, and he showed some promise in his rookie season when he was healthy.

At the Power Forward position the Bulls have amazing depth with young Finish sensation Lauri Markannen and great defensive veteran Thaddeus Young. Markannen is a big talent, and he is one of the 3 or 4 young Bulls that could take another step forward this year. Young is a new signing and I will explain later why I think his impact will be huge. They also signed Luke Kornet who is more than decent for the role he will play.

At Center the Bulls have 2 enthusiastic talents in Wendel Carter Jr. and Daniel Garfford. I absolutely loved both this guys in college and I believe Gafford is a big steal for this years draft. For Wendel this will be his second season and hopefully he will stay healthy this time.

2. Their young core could surprise everyone

Lavine , Markannen, Wendel, White, Gafford ! I like all those guys and while many fans hate the Bulls management I believe their drafting was pretty damn good in recent years. They did a great job, at least with their top picks and I believe this year they actually managed to get a steal in Garfford. Let’s start with the oldest player of this group and the only guy that was not drafted by the Bulls: Zach Lavine.

23.7 points , 4.7 rebounds , 4.5 assists! His stats are comparable to guys like Donovan Mitchel , Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving. Zach had his best season by far last year and considering how young he is I doubt that he will stop here. Last season was a great comeback for him considering he missed a good part of the previous 2 seasons(2016/17, 2017/18) . Playing along better team-mates should help him improve his efficiency and the fact that none of the new guys is ball dominant player should allow him to keep getting his high scoring and assists numbers.

The next on the list is Lauri Markkannen. This kid has crazy potential when healthy! He only played 52 games last season but he managed to get 18.7 points, 9 rebounds and 2.1 3 pointers in those. These stats are very impressing and when he was 100% healthy he was even better. For example in the month of February he averaged an amazing 26 points and 12 rebounds! To put this in perspective only 3 other players in the history of NBA managed to average at least 18.7 points, 9 rebounds and 2.1 3 pointers(Towns, Cousins and Westbrook)

Another Bulls player that I love is Wendel Carter. He may not have the crazy offensive potential of Lavine and Markannen but he is the perfect center to play along this kind of talented offensive players. His defense was very impressive for a rookie and I believe he will become a perfect complementary center for Markkannen. He always remembered me of Al Horford and I believe that type of player is perfect for modern basketball.

Now let’s talk about the rookies a little bit. Coby White was drafted with the 7th pick to become this team starting point guard. However the Bulls announced that he will not start after they signed Satoransky. I believe that this will help Coby but also our bet. Rookie point guards are rarely a positive and they usually need 1 or 2 seasons to get used to the NBA. I really like Coby and for me he is probably the 4th or 5th best prospect in this draft but I believe playing behind Satoransy will help a lot. He will come off the bench playing against back up point guards, so he will have time to learn the game. The other rookie that I want to talk about is Daniel Gafford. I thought that this guy will be drafted around the 15th pick, so I think Bulls got a very good player with their 38th pick. He confirmed my thoughts in the Summer League where he played very well. He is very athletic and was clearly the best Bulls player on the court with 13.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.8 blocks.

3. They have a true veteran ‘Captain’ now

I am talking about Thaddeus Young! He is a new signing coming from the Pacers! He is a versatile player but his preffered position is power forward. He is an elite defender in my opinion with his ability to switch and when he will play the Bulls defense will be clearly better. His former Pacers team-mates considered him the ‘Captain’ of that team. This is really impressive considering Pacers had some good veterans and also a star in Victor Oladipo. His influence and guidance will be huge for the young Bulls. However it will be interesting how the coach will handle the rotation considering he is playing the same position as Markannen. My guess is that Young will play some minutes at the SF position too, and we will also see him playing PF with Markkannen experimenting some minutes at the center position!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the read ! Tomorrow I will probably post another article with a lock for the win totals for the next season!


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