The ‘Champ Champ’ Daniel Cormier will school Derrick Lewis

Madison Square Garden sets the stage for UFC230 this weekend in New York, without surprise, the UFC has failed to give this card the promotion it deserves.

Daniel Cormier (21-1-0) takes on ‘The Black Beast’ Derrick Lewis in a 5 round Heavyweight division title fight. The turnaround for Lewis has been less than a month as we saw him knockout Alexander Volkov at the beginning of October at UFC226.

Any die-hard realises Lewis has one path to victory in this fight, he either catches Cormier with that huge one punch KO or he losses and giving the fact Cormier is p4p (in my opinion) one of the greatest fighters we’ve been blessed to watch, Derricks chances of a victory are very slim.

The 39-year-old former Olympic champion Daniel Cormier has had one of the most decorative careers than any other fighter in the UFC. With his one kryptonite and only loss being Jon Jones, I truly believe DC will end his career defeating Jon! The current light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Cormier has defeated a long list of killers from strike force and the UFC… Anderson Silva, Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, Dan Henderson, Rumble Johnson, Alex Gustafsson, Volkan Ozdemir & Stipe Miocic just to name a few.

I don’t think DC will risk a standup war with Derrick, straight into round 1 I vision the champ using his ultra high-level wrestling to wear down the black beast right off the bat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel instantly takes this fight to the floor and finishes it via submission or ground and pound in round 1, but if DC doesn’t finish right away it’s going to be a long night for Lewis. Daniel will smoother him and keep himself well away from that devastating KO power that Derrick possesses. Eventually, DC will get the finish I have no doubt in that.

I’m not sure taking a fight 4 weeks out from getting lit up by Volkan until the 3rd round finish was a smart move by Lewis, but I also realise in this sport you have to take your chances. Unfortunately for Lewis, he’s matched up with one of the greats, without taking anything away from Lewis and his accomplishments he just doesn’t match up to the skill set of Cormier.

So this week’s free tip is quite obvious but the price is really ugly so I’m going to double up with another matchup I think relies on the weaker opponent needing to put all hope in the KO which is Isreal Adesanya vs Dereck Brunson. Israel ‘style-bender’ Adesanya will be the second British born champion in the UFC next to Michael Bisping, Brunson is just a bump in the road that Adesanya has to drive over.

The striking and movement skill of Isreal is a nice breath of fresh air to watch in the octagon, he’s like a Jon Jones/Mcgregor hybrid. Youtube search the man and enjoy his highlight reels, you won’t be disappointed.

The bookie knows what’s good too, as both Daniel and Israel are priced quite high. Combine them both and that will be this week’s free tip.

Free Prediction: Daniel Cormier & Israel Adesanya both win
Stake : 5units @ 1.67

Tune in this Saturday/Sunday night on BTsports from 12 midnight BST for UFC230 @ Madison Square Garden.

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