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Welcome to our Tipsters Club! We have built this platform at the beginning of 2018 to do two things, both of which can earn you money. Firstly, designed to become the best tool for bettors that want to improve their betting and their profits, and secondly for the best tipsters around sports to be able to sell their packages and knowledge via a professional and verified service.

You will find here both free and premium tips from professional tipsters. Moreover, you will find well-informed opinions on matches, bets, bookies, sports, or strategies, but also some polished articles regarding sports, betting strategies, and reviews.

Behind the scenes, we have an energetic team of people that make things come to life. We are people who have an infinite passion for sport and follow its philosophy in our daily lives.

All tipsters have been chosen thoroughly and all had to prove what they were capable of before going live and paid. All tipsters have a huge history in the betting industry; some have been hired as odds compilers or traders in the past, some have a history in the statistical department, some of them were professional athletes in the sports they tip, but all of them are professional gamblers, all of them know how to use a correct money management plan, all of them win money via betting on their tips and all of them have a huge experience in this hard industry.

Along with tipping valuable bets, we will also help you find the best prices on the market, try to improve your betting skills, help you implement new strategies, and sort of educating you to succeed in this industry.

Follow Tipsters Club, and you won’t regret it! Enjoy the ride and never forget: betting is a marathon, not a sprint! #TrustTheProcess

Maybe a bit sorry, after seeing the dead man walking performance of Hurkacz. Anyway, one more match tonight, hopefully we get something out of there. 🙂

The odds on #ATPFinals look off. Happy to take them even if they go wrong. + one early #euroleague #basketball tip. #basten #freetips

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