About us

Tipsters Club is a professional sports tipping service that has been conceived by a well-known tennis-expert, Ardeal, at the beginning of 2018 and has been thought to be and become the best tool for bettors that want to improve their betting and their profits, but also by the best tipsters around sports to be able to sell their packages and knowledge about the industry and sport via a professional and verified service.

You will find here premium tips from professional tipsters, but also some free tips from same tipsters; you will find knowledgeable opinions on matches, bets, bookies, sports or strategies, but also some well-written articles regarding sports, betting strategies, tournaments, betting education and reviews.

The main value that this service will bring in your life is, in fact, the value. This term is one of the overused terms in this tipping and betting industry and that reduces its value in a way. You will find many people in these betting circles that will tell you how they see and found the value, while the results on the long run will prove you wrong most of the times. Our tipsters will provide you only valuable tips and bets, bets they take themselves too. You will never see a coin flip priced at 2.00 (50% implied chance) tipped on the site… maybe just if the coin was ripped.

Fact is that all tipsters have been chosen thoroughly and all had to prove what they were capable of before going live and paid. We have succeeded to bring together, what I consider to be the best tipsters around many sports and built a community, a family and a second virtual home for bettors and tipsters. All tipsters have a huge history in the betting industry; some have been hired as odds compilers or traders in the past, some have a history in the statistical department, some of them were professional athletes in the sports they tip, but all of them are professional gamblers, all of them know how to use a correct money management plan, all of them win money via betting on their tips and all of them have a huge experience in this hard industry. Best way to meet the tipsters and better understand how they work, what variance they have, how many bets they take, what is their average win rate, learn about their history, is to visit the individual tipster page and have a nice lecture about them. You won’t regret it.

Along tipping valuable bets we will also help you find the best prices on the market, try to improve your betting skills, help you implement new strategies and sort of educate you to succeed in this industry.

Some of the bets we advise might see some prices change, our community will move lines and prices when we get our engine started; some bets will be rejected by your bookies‘ traders because of „limiting liability“, some will make your winning accounts closed, but in the end these all are part of this beautiful journey and most important of all… This shows you are doing the right things. Remember, having your accounts limited and blocked (from normal or casual bookmakers) means that you are winning!

Continue to do so and find solutions as there are plenty of ways to stay in the action and continue to beat the bookies at their own game.